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Graphic Arts
/ Europe
New slitting facilities are now available in
Inc. Terre Haute is now equipped
to slit the DERPROSA graphic arts range of products for the US market. The
new capability has been demonstrated by the team through successful
slitting trials.
Here are the teammembers from left to right :
Blas Casado/Ti SLULogistics, Javier Del Barrio/Ti SLUTechnical, CraigHedden/
TiNA TH Logistics (Packaging), Dave Daley/TiNA TH Operations (Slitting
Operator), Filip Sarka/ Ti Spain Sales, Paul Ghejan/TiNA TH Technical, Cliff
Lovett/TiNA TH Operations, Rob Virostko/TiNA Operations, Steve Hatcher/
TiNA TH Planning/Scheduling, Jim Hallahan/TiNA TH Supply Chain, Jay
Funkhouser/TiNA TH Operations, Brian McMurtry/TiNA TH Logistics.
Team members not in the photo:
Patti Steman/TiNA TH IT & IS, Karla
O’Connell/TiNA TH Logistics, Stephanie Johnson/Ti Spain Customer Service
(in Wilmington).
Thanks to all of Larry Mauer’s Manufacturing employees, Jim Burger’s IT/IS employees, the Supply Chain employees,
along with the
SLU employees for a job well done!
From beginning of March a new
coating line has been installed
SLU with the objective of
developing new products and to
increase the capacity for Graphic
Arts specialties.
Between the typology of films that can be produced in the line, we can point out SoFT TOUcH™, Digi-Sticks,
Anti-Scratch, GSP, Color Films, PET, Thermal films, Nylon, etc.
New Coating line
SLU: NEW USA Based Office
New facilities in
Successful Implementation Team in Terre Haute.
Our U.S.A. based office location and mailing address have changed,
effective from last April 1, 2015.
Our newmailing address andU.S. officewewill be based on the belowaddress:
2751 Centerville Road –Suite 400, Wilmington (DE) 19808 (USA)
Phone: 302-326-5711.
The cell phone numbers of our teammembers remain the same.
Please change your records to reflect our new contact information and direct
all future correspondence to our new mailing address stated above.
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