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Middle East
As part of
’s mission to be a one stop shop for the entire gamut of BOPP film solutions for the packaging
offers a wide range of products under its portfolio. Having originated from the ‘developing’
world and spread out to developed world,
is in constant pursuit of giving back by bringing global know
how and richer experience to Middle East, Africa and Asia markets. In line with this,
started offering
high shrink Tobacco overwrapping films to Middle East and Indian subcontinent regions from its local hub
in Dubai, prior to full manufacturing at this site.
brings tremendous convenience to tobacco producers in the region as they have the flexibility of ordering
small volumes at any point of time, compared to the previous scenario of importing container loads with
very long transit times. In line with
’s reputation for consistent quality products and innovation, the
tobacco portfolio offers a wide range of shrink films for normal to high speed overwrapping of cigarette
packs and bundle wraps.
’s local service model, closer to customers, offers an opportunity in sourcing
global products at regional pricing.
Packaging structures are changing with the focus on “lean design” and less material to provide consumers a
more sustainable package. Low environmental impact designs which retain brand image and classic elegance
are the goal ofmany packaging formats. For example, the household soap bar is a timeless product, with sales
driven by strong brand recognition. Amain consideration for the redesign of soap packaging is tomaintain the
brand’s relationship with consumers but provide a new look, less material, and maintain the brand’s appeal.
In the case of soap, the classical paper based packaging is being replaced by a BoPP film based sleek wrapper.
EES, a white pearlescent, high yield film from
is uniquely designed for such an application. EES delivers
high speed packing on HFFS machines (300ppm for 250gm bar) with its low Sealing Initial Temperature
(SIT), without compromising look. Available in 28 and 45micron thickness, EES28 is used as a laminate
worldwide with a reverse printed Matte film (
’s MUS grade for classic paper look!) or with reverse printed
glossy HS film (
’s TES or LTG for a sparkling effect!). EES45 is used as a surface printed mono web wrapper.
High gloss and special surface characteristics of EES enables improved print definition with rotogravure or
flexographic methods. Unlike paper wrappers, EES doesn’t transmit oily deposits and offers good moisture
barrier eliminating the need of a traditional inner lining (stiffener).
Cellulose, a major constituent of paper is a growth medium for mold/
fungus; particularly under moist warm manufacturing conditions.
In contrast, Taghleef EES doesn’t allow moisture accumulation
thus avoiding spoilage due to mold attack. Global soap brands are
embracing EES in their packaging designs, perhaps you should
consider the benefits in your next packaging project?
Contact your
representative in Middle-East at
for more details.
Cigarette films from
Shrinking distance for enhanced service
for High Speed SoapPackaging
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