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Fast Forwarding IML
inMiddle East Region…
In the last
News the launch of LTG, a highly innovative clear film for transparent WAL, was reported. Over the last
few months it’s performance has proven the benefits of this excellent product within the greater Middle East region
for the multinational water and beverage brand owners and manufacturers.
LTG performance is reported to be nowup to 38,000 bottles/hour on a (surprising) variety of labelers andmachines.
Transparent or “no look labels” aremaking a pleasant resurgence in terms of value creation for converters and brands.
Stakeholders and LTG users are extremely pleased with this timely development.
Middle East
The Gulf Markets incorporate tremendous consumer diversity, creative marketer’s
creative paradise in terms of brand building, identification and differentiation. Rapid
growth of Middle Eastern economies attracts competitive international brands who
desire impact and food packaging differentiation to capture market share.
Even though, rigid plastic products are produced to highest technological level in the
Middle East, very thin walled food packaging containers were imported predominantly
from Europe. The shelf presence IML labeling delivers in injection molded thin walled
containers is being leveraged by major owners in the explosively growing dairy and ice
creammarket segments. However, the challenge is to deliver product faster and realize
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This means local availability of labels is more and more critical to GCC molders.
, with
its globally proven portfolio for Injection in Mould Labeling films, leads the efforts to
support local business growth. The potential is tremendous within the region as well
as the Indian sub continent where
’s products, especially LIMwith high yield and ever
increasingly fine texture finish - more like Satin finish, but often called “orange peel”
is also launching a true orange peel film called LIU with 0.55 density for the
sophisticated printers and molders locally.
and local industry is partnering to accelerate and fast forward growth of
IML decoration business within GCC/Middle East. The regional Fast-Moving Consumer
Goods (FMCG) brands are the beneficiaries, and we the consumers are being delighted
with choice.
supports creation of value for label converters and brand owners alike
across the globe, thinking global, acting local at just the right time and when a solution
is needed – acting quickly with fast forwarded solutions to the market.
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