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Label Focus
The Beverage industry is expected to evolve, grow, and
to increasepromotional activities to influence consumer
preferences. These trends are good news for the BOPP
wrap around reel fed labels which play a vital role in the
industry. The wrap around reel feed format is widely
used in labeling of water, carbonated soft drinks, milk
and dairy products, sports and energy drinks, juices,
ready-to-drink and alcoholic beverages. These trends
are driving manufacturers, not only to revitalize their
production capacity, but also to focus on new innovative
packaging solutions. One of the ever-present packaging
requirements is the need for more sustainable, lighter
weight packaging. Taghleef Industries has focused
its R&D efforts on these requirements in the last few
years. As a result
offers a next generation, ultra high
yield, white voided label filmLXI 38micron.
Thisfilmcan runonhighspeed labeling linesat speeds
comparable to standard label films and still satisfy
the highest print quality requirements for excellent
graphic results. The ultra high yield of LXI 38 enables
the reduction of the label weight, thus contributing
to the sustainability of the final consumer product.
Beucke & Söhne GmbH & Co.KG, a German converter
with a centre of competence for gravure, flexo, offset
and digital printing, has chosen LXI 38 micron for
water and soft drink labels for its excellent gloss and
opacity, but also for its good machine performance
at converter and bottler site.
has a superb and devoted International Sales Team
in Labels. The Labels Team came together for an
International Seminar held in Philadelphia and New York
last May. The team met with key account, Bemis, in New
York where they presented Bemis with a commemorative
International Customer Relations award. Following a
discussion on global label market trends, the
visited a world famous city – New York.
Next generation
in Labels
The Label Team also spent time in the
America’s R&D center and the applications laboratory.
In the Delaware Headquarters, the Team interacted and
meet colleagues responsible for designing best in class
label films. A robust discussion of customer needs and
applications requirements was
held among the laboratory and
the R&D teams.
International teamwork is a daily
part of life in
’s Label Team.
Meet the
EUROPE in Brussels from 29th
September to 2nd October 2015,
Hall 5 Stand C46
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