Ti-News n. 14 // July 2015 - page 10

Ti news
Label Focus
expects to expand the IML portfolio and technology
further over the next few years and is active in
promoting IML innovations worldwide. An example
of this was
’s presentation at a recent IML Industry
Summit event held in Shenzen, China in December
2014 and IMLCON, Miami, USA last May.
Steve Hodgson, Sales Manager – Labels (Asia Pacific)
observes that IML technology is an emerging market
segment across China and there is a strong passion
to deliver world class IML solutions. He comments
“the increased uptake of state-of-the-art presses and
integrationof advanced robotics intohigh-endmoulder
facilities in the region will drive the requirement for
high performance IML film solutions.” He believes this
need will strengthen
’s relationship with key IML
players in this region moving forward.
The market is continually evolving and designers
now choose
films to deliver a variety of innovative
solutions that will be presented during LABELEXPO
EUROPE in Brussels next September, including:
High yield voided IML films
for improved cost
effectiveness and customised post mould finishes.
High gloss metallic finish with excellent graphics
for promoting high value, elegance feel and
brand differentiation. Also, provides cost effective
alternative tometal cans with no risk of denting during
transport and distribution.
IML films for digital print
are used where short label
print runs require high quality, eye-catching graphics
that stands out on the shelves. The digital printed IML
label enables smaller print runs of IML labels at lower
costs and with a shorter lead time. This makes IML
print technology ideal for ‘mock-up’ samples to show
customers how the final product will look.
Barrier films for shelf-life extension
of packed
IML film with tactile properties
such as luxurious
Soft-Touch surface
Antibacterial protection (BACTERSTOP)
kills 99.9% of critical bacteria on contact. Ideal for
personal care and hygiene brands. This product will be
showcased at the “Smart/Active Label & Packaging”
Thermoforming IML applications
involving high yield
for superior economics and satin post moulding finish,
and even
Sustainable IML technology
’s Nativia PLA
biobased film and compostable IML container for food
Overall, IML remains a growing market sector and
is committed to establishing a strong global presence
to support this growth and to build a strong specialty
Delivering Innovations
in IML
Thermoforming Technology for IML: Ti’s LFE 65 film printed by Verstraete IML
and moulded by Illig
High gloss metallic finish: Horleys tubs printed by John Herrod & Associates,
moulded by NCI Packaging for brand owner Naturlac Nutrition.
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