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September 25, 2014 was a special day for Nanjing, China and the
furniture industry. It was not only the inaugural international
conference for “Next Generation Decorative Panel Production”, it also
involved the product launch and licensing ceremony for Watershed®;
a revolutionary decorative laminate based on Taghleef’s SynDECOR®.
The objective of the annual Conference is to continue to build a useful
exchange of technologies that will benefit manufacturers of decorative
laminates and panels in China and around the World. More than 60
people from 35 companies attended the Conference in Nanjing.
While professionals, within the industry, highlighted the deliverables
of superior decorative laminates and the opportunity for superior
performance and appearance of engineered wood-based panels, there
was also a special emphasis on the health and environmental impact of
laminates and panel production. Guest speakers included Andy Feury
(Western Pacific Plastics/WPP), Ron Rodeck (Taghleef Industries Inc.),
Dr. Du Qingping (Kleiberit), Dr. Xu Xinwu (Nanjing Forestry University)
and Ms Feng Jianhua (President of Jiangsu Furniture Entrepreneurs
Association). Following the morning technical session, Mr. Tao and
his Team from Nanjing Fulgurant Wood Industry & Technology Co.
Ltd hosted the invitees with a tour of his new manufacturing and
laboratory facilities highlighting the laminating and off-line UV coating
operations designed to deliver the next generation panel production
based on Watershed.
Watershed is a culmination of years of effort; harnessing the resources
of Taghleef Industries and its SynDECOR films, WPP and its technical
and marketing knowledge, strong relationships with allied suppliers
such as Kleiberit and Barberan and, very importantly, strong innovative
entrepreneurs like Mr. Tao. While everyone agreed that this program is
off to a strong start, there is also consensus that it will only continue
to strengthen as more information is exchanged and the supply chain
continues to work together. Taghleef Industries is proud to be part of
this innovative development in the global future market.
Gains Momentum in
Group photo of the Conference attendees; Nanjing, China
Dr. Du Qingping - Managing Director, Kleiberit - China
Ms. Feng Jianhua - President of Jiangsu Furniture Entrepreneurs
Nanjing Fulgurant Wood Industry & Technology Co. Ltd.
From left to right:
Mr. Tao Fuchun - General Manager, Nanjing Fulgurant Wood Industry & Technology Co. Ltd,
Mr. Andy Feury - Partner, Western Pacific Plastics LLC,
Mr. Li Xinyu - Zhejiang Yongcheng Printing Co. Ltd.,
Mr. Ron Rodeck - Taghleef Industries Inc.,
Mr. Joe Ko - Marketing, Western Pacific Plastics - China
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