Ti-News n. 13 // January 2015 - page 8

Latin America
More andMore
Trust in Films from
/ Americas
As the region’s flexible packaging grows at double digit rates, our
Specialty and High Value sales continue to grow, and we are now in
23 Latin American countries! Taghleef Industries’ extensive product
line, consistent quality, and unmatched international delivery systems
continue to gain new customers for us.
now has an established sales force, on a country by country basis,
with extensive flexible packaging knowledge to immediately respond to
customer needs. Because of
’s expertise, access to information & data,
and application development capabilities delivering real time solutions,
technical, commercial, and development personnel at both converters
and end-users place trust in our technical sales & service personnel.
in Latin America also has dedicated R&D personnel, and laboratories
with test and pilot line equipment, to assist our customers as they
use our films. Testing seal strength, barrier parameters, comparative
structure analysis, accelerated weathering, and labeling performance
data are examples of the services provided to our customers.
Our technical sales team meets regularly with R&D and plant personnel
to review the extensive product line at
, seeking the right product for
given applications and keeping abreast of our LatAm customer needs.
This team approach is how our new
films, such as ZEM 17 and 15 micron,
were developed.
Taghleef Industries Inc. looks forward to
our continued growth as we build trust
with our customers in Latin America.
Repeat orders come when customers
know what to expect.
From left to right: Octavio Ortiz (Colombia), Juan Francisco Vercellino (Chile), Jaime Araujo (Brazil),
Fernando Alvarez (Chile), Karla Olivo (Mexico), Cristina Moctezuma (El Salvador, Guatemala),
Sundeep Mudgal (Ti Oman), Eugenio Vives (Ti Central America & Caribbean), Janina Lamourtte (Domi-
nican Republic), Christiane Tardy (Ti North America- R&D), Roberto Gollmann (Ti Latin America), Abjihit
Ghosh (Ti Middle East R&D), Gustavo Gavidia (Peru), Carlos Arce (Bolivia), Brian Bellafore (North America
Technical Service), Juan Carlos Solano (Costa Rica, Honduras)
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