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Pack Expo 2014
The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies,
Pack Expo International 2014 drew record-breaking crowds
of more than 50,000 for the November 2-5, 2014 exhibition
in Chicago. The trends that were central to this year’s show
included lifestyle, sustainability, food safety, design and
convenience. All of these themes reflect the growing need
of innovation to engage consumers across the world.
had a “clear” focus at this year’s show, where we
displayed our clear barrier films, HXB, HBTX & UHX, and
the applications into which these products are used. One of these applications was ‘Roons™, where we
displayed and distributed a cross promotional package of the tasty treat. The barrier and clarity properties
of our films were big discussion topics, and the ‘Roons™ served as a snack for more than a few of the show
attendees. Many came back to make sure they were still fresh the next day!
Jenn Topliff and her father set out to find the perfect package to preserve their macaroons or ‘Roons™ in
just-baked condition for as long as possible. Four potential packages were put through a rigorous shelf
life protocol that involved tastings every week. At the end of 6 weeks, the
entry of 80 HXB / ink / adh.
/ 88 UHX was the only candidate still meeting their freshness quotient, so this package using the films
was chosen. The structure was presented
to three west coast converters, and ultimately, the
Revere Group of Seattle, Washington was chosen
as the best converting fit for this start-up business.
Mark Revere, the owner of Revere Group, is very
pleased with the clarity, printability and the bond
strength of the lamination. They had been using a
similar structure for other confectionery customers,
and are now actively pursuing other potential
applications that can benefit from the excellent
moisture and aroma barrier properties that this film
combination can provide.
UHX and HXB are excellent barrier films for snacks,
baked goods, confectionery items, dried fruit
and nuts.
Americas has developed a valuable
addition to the barrier film market, and remains
on the cutting edge of product development
in meeting the ever changing industry trends.
Clear Barrier Films
/ Americas
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