Ti-News n. 13 // January 2015 - page 5

A Special Antibacterial BoPP Film
/ Americas
At the recent Label Expo Americas, Taghleef Industries launched the newest face stock film for the Pressure Sensitive
Label Market…
PSL 111
PSL 111 is a top-coated, voided white face stock designed for optimal labeling performance. This cavitated white opaque
film, with a pearl-essence finish, provides a dense opacity and outstanding graphic appeal. Taghleef’s proprietary top
coating technology allows for excellent ink adhesion utilizing a variety of printing processes, including digital. The highly
treated, adhesive receptive surface offers excellent PSA adhesion, and utilizes a broad range of chemistries to enable
resealable/removable and permanent applications. Taghleef is currently launching the product in North America and will
be rolling out the availability of the film to the other regions of the world in the next fewmonths. Whether you are looking
for a white, high opacity, self adhesive label face stock for a leading shampoo brand, or a stiff label film for a hand applied
tire label application, Taghleef Industries is producing a film tomeet your critical and unique requirements.
The Newest Face in the Pressure Sensitive Label Market
exhibited the Bacterstop film technology, under Taghleef’s recently acquired Derprosa brand, at
the Smart Mart “Store of the Future”. The Smart Mart was a new Label Expo effort to spotlight
emerging technologies and novel ideas.
’s Bacterstop technology was selected above many other
candidates due to its unique capability to kill bacteria that may come in contact with the specially
designed label films.
The anti-bacterial technology embedded in the film enables the label to eliminate 99.9% of the
bacteria that comes into contact with the surface of the film*. Using the Bacterstop film in either
a PSL over-laminate or outer web of a roll fed lamination, not only provides a barrier against any
contagion, but also exposes the full surface of the label for anti-bacterial function. Users of such
films in laminations are able to combine the benefits of other trusted
labels films on the inside
web - for excellent bonding, printing, and label dispensing performance. The anti-bacterial protection
works repeatedly after multiple handlings*, up 12 months, and the film can be supplied in matte or
gloss versions, which gives brand owners more graphic design choices.
Printers may choose several thicknesses of the Bacterstop film, which is currently available in a
glossy 24µ, or a 27µ matte version, for thermal laminations. Thinner films, such as glossy 12µ and
matte 15µ, can be supplied for PSL over-laminates or roll fed applications. Thermal laminations
for menus, book covers, instruction manuals, leaflets and flyers may now benefit from Bacterstop
is proud to offer such
unique and innovative ideas intomany
applications and brands that use PSL
or Roll Fed Labeling technologies in
the market.
*An external report by an independent
laboratory determines the antibacterial activity
of film formulations against Escherichia Coli and
Staphylococcus Aureus using ISO 22196:2007.
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