Ti-News n. 13 // January 2015 - page 4

Technology for IML
A Smooth Finish
ThinWall Containers
/ Americas
As the technology of in-mold labeling is adopted across the globe,
so then, the technologies themselves evolve. Today, several T-IML
systems are in the market; one “early adopter” of this technology in
the USA is
Tech 2
, and this technology is now spreading. For wide
adoption of new labeling technology, innovative and reliable suppliers
are required. Two great suppliers in this area are the world’s leading IML
label printers,
Verstraete IML
, and
, a classic German engineering
systems supplier.
’s T-IML film, named
, is the film of choice.
’s successful collaboration with these leading co-suppliers brings
the market an “integrated solution”, backed by experience, reliable
products, innovative designs, creative high quality graphics and great
service to support new projects and business development.
is proud to be the first to market with a high yielding I-IML film, which delivers brand owners with a smooth
finish when using thin walled containers. It is fitting that
, the leading USA IML printer (renowned for
pioneering CIP technology in IML), and
Airlite Plastics
, who has delivered the first I-IML ice cream containers
in USA, are providing an “Integrated IML solution” in collaboration with
While “orange peel” finishes are popular, the market is evolving. Brand owners trying to differentiate
themselves require more selections and choices than just a single finish. Brand owners are now selecting a
superior “satin finish”, and the film of choice is
LIH 50
. Smooth quality containers have always been high gloss
andmore typical in large container markets. But now, brands packaged
in smaller, thin walled containers may adopt the smooth finish.
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