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for Food Packaging
Essentials for Freshness, Taste and Shelf Live.
Food Protection is the key to freshness for every food distribution chain. BOPP films are providing already
high moisture barriers. Metallized BOPP Films have even a lower WVTR and are widely used in snack
applications. Food packaging however demands much more protection against:
• Flavors
• Oxygen
• Mineral Oils
has developed a wide portfolio of coextruded BOPP
barrier films. The films are containing a continuous,
non-interrupted barrier layer providing a high protection,
which is superior to other known barrier BOPP films, and
is very efficient to use.
Flavor Protection
For packaging chocolate, chewing gums, tea and other
sensitive products, a flavor protection is required to
either keep the aroma in the pack or to protect against
undesirable flavors from the outside. Due to their
unique manufacturing technologies, EXTENDO films
deliver superior protection against the strongest flavors
like mint and limonene.
Oxygen and Gas Barriers
For perishable food stuff like sensitive bakery products, MAP packed food, or proteins such as meat and
cheese, barriers are required against gases like Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen. EXTENDO films
offer contiguous oxygen barriers from an OTR of < 0,1 up to 18 cm3/m²/day.
Mineral Oil Barriers
The public discussion about mineral oils in foodstuff is in full swing. It is expected that there will be a
regulation starting next year in Germany followed by an EU regulation for specific migration limits for
MOSH (saturated hydrocarbons) and MOAH (aromatic hydrocarbons). Tolerable limits in the product,
according to current discussions, are: < 0.6 mg /kg (MOSH) and < 0.15 mg / kg (MOAH). As an example,
for potato chips: at a surface-to-product mass ratio of 80 dm²/kg, the preliminary limits are reached
with an EXTENDO film (type XFWL) after 1,7 years compared to 1,6 years for BOPET films. Metallized or
coated films do not reach these values.
(Report from IVV Fraunhofer Institute, Freising, Germany can be downloaded fromwww.ex-tendo.com)
Furthermore, EXTENDO barrier films are robust in production and enable the
highest productivity. Please do not hesitate to ask us for a personal meeting to
tailor the barrier packaging for your product.
Note: All barrier valuesmentionedare underlinedbymeasurements from independent leading institutes.
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