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Barriers for Food Packaging p. 3
Thermoforming Technology for IML p. 4
A Smooth Finish for Thin Wall Containers p. 4
BACTERSTOP A Special Antibacterial BoPP
Film p. 5
The Newest Face in the Pressure Sensitive
Label Market p. 5
Digital IML Labels with Xeikon p. 6
IML Labels p. 6
Pack Expo 2014:
Clear Barrier Films from Ti Americas p. 7
Latin America - More and More Customers
Trust in Films from Ti. 8
Ti Films are Used on the Latest IML of Leading
Brands in SEA p.11
Syndecor Gains Momentum in China p.9
Ti Leveraging Quality for Customers
in Asia Pacific p.10
Arnott’s 150 year Celebration p.10
Mission Foods p.10
Flexible Packaging Solutions for Tea Packs p.14
Flexoprint: Printed IML in Morocco with Taghleef p.14
Say “CHEESE”! p.15
Deprosa™ Film Renamed Ti S.L.U. p.16
Synergies in Labels with Deprosa™ Graphics Arts Films p.16
Neuromarketing Applied to Luxury Packaging p.16
Luxe Pack Monaco, October 27- 29, 2014 p.17
Packaging Innovations Madrid, November 5-6, 2014 p.17
Prix Formes de Luxe p.17
Policarta Develops Recyclable Paper-BOPP Laminates p.18
Meeting with Our Customers p.18
LTG: A Clear Innovation in Transparent Labels p.12
D407: All-Around Performance p.12
Blood Donation Drive p.12
Speciality Films & Flexible Packaging
Global Conference - 2014, Mumbai p.13
Marching with a New Ally in South Africa p.13
Asia Pacific
Asia Pacific
Middle East
Dear Customers, Colleagues and Allied Suppliers,
With even more determination, all of the actors in the
BoPP industry, from resin suppliers to brand owners, are
fighting to maintain their share of value in a world where
commodity markets are moving into unchartered territories.
All of our means are at work, and include utilizing regional
units to overcome competitive threats, adding capacity
to gain efficiencies, and securing business with the help of industry partners.
Concurrently, we continue to manage insecurity in many regions, while addressing
some temporary capacity inbalances, currency shifts, the volatility of oil prices,
and the costs of ancillary services.
Under this context we remain on course, as 2014 has been yet another building
year where Ti has led the industry with a continual stream of investment, and in
particular, we strategically positioned ourselves into new, lower cost capacities,
expanded our multilayer capabilities, and acquired new coating know-how and
assets. In the same timeframe, Taghleef initiated direct representation into Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia, as we continue to make measured progress throughout Asia.
Our objective of these efforts is to make Ti a more attractive supplier to both
regional and global players in the market.
As we enter the new year of 2015, we have reinforced our conviction to our
strategy, which enables us to offer a complete range of products and services on
all continents for Food Packaging, Labeling and other technical applications. This
approach, we trust, will benefit our customers around the world, while generating
growth and momentum for Taghleef Industries.
I wish to all of you a happy and successful new year.
Dr. Detlef Schuhmann
CEO Ti Group
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