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The presentation of the Luxury Packaging Awards took place
in Monaco during the Luxe Pack Exhibition, where attendees
representing the most significant luxury brands in the market
were present at the event. As was the case during the previous
three years, Derprosa was the 2014 Official Sponsor.
Patrick Desies, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of Taghleef
Industries Group, presented some of the awards, outlined his
vision of the innovation in packaging, and unveiled the Derprosa
film that had been used in the lamination associated with the
gift given to all attendees: RUBY Digi-Stick SoFT TOUcH.
Packaging Innovations is one of the most important
packaging shows in Europe, with different editions
in England, Germany, and the Netherlands. This year
was its first edition in Spain, with Derprosa not only
participating as an exhibitor, but also sponsoring the
IPA AWARDS during the show. Derprosa’s customers
also had the opportunity to participate in a competition
to determine the best laminated packaging using one of
Derprosa’s films. The winner this year was ALZAMORA
PACKAGING. The Derprosa film used in their packaging
was SoFT TOUcH®.
Luxe Pack
Monaco, October 27- 29, 2014
November 5-6, 2014
Prix Formes de Luxe
From left to right:
José Ángel Medina,
Managing Director
of Taghleef Industries
S.L.U. presenting
the IPA award
to José María Berga,
Alzamora Packaging
Commercial Director.
c) Evaluation of the bio-physiological reactions that are
experienced while touching the product.
d) Comparison of these results with those produced by the
same product not using this SoFT TOUcH®material.
Results were conclusive, as products laminated with SoFT
TOUcH® are 70% more likely to be chosen, as they provide
275% more emotional intensity, and an increase of 247% in
positive emotions. Most of the attendees admitted that it was
the first time they had heard of “emotional cosmetics”, and
that such emotions could bemeasured.
Ti S.L.U. Commercial team: Joaquín M. López Batlles (Mktg & business Development);
Roberto Correa, Moira Bentoglio, Oscar Hernández (Regional & Area Sales Managers);
Ignacio S. López-Baillo Garcíaa (Global Sales & Marketing Director)
For the 5th consecutive year, Derprosa attended Luxe Pack Monaco (France),
the world trade fair for creative packaging that targets the perfumery and
cosmetics brands. The showwas a huge success, with experts fromTOP luxury
brands visiting our booth, and our interaction with many direct and indirect
customers, such as designers, brand consultants and marketing agencies. Our
latest innovations were presented:
• QUARTZ Elegance White
• QUARTZ Elegance Gold Gloss
• QUARTZ Elegance Gold SoFT TOUcH®
• SAPHIRE Anti-Scratch Gloss
Patrick Desies,
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer,
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