Ti-News n. 13 // January 2015 - page 16

Derprosa FilmRenamed
In May, 2014 Taghleef Industries Group closed the transaction to
acquire Derprosa Film, and on 1st November, 2014 the company has
changed its name to
Taghleef Industries S.L.U.
, thereby adopting
the new corporate identity of the
Being conscious of the brand equity that the Derprosa name had created for its products in the
Graphic Arts
business, Ti has decided to use the name of DERPROSA as a
brand name
for this segment. A new logo and
tagline have been created :
The websites
will stay
active. The Derprosa Food Packaging and Label Films portfolio will be
harmonized and promoted under the Taghleef Industries trademark.
Synergies in Labels
with Deprosa™ Graphics
Arts Films
/ Europe
Luxury brands seek to capture market share and value through differentiation and connection to their customers.
The graphics arts industry knows this intimately. Labeling technologies such as PSL, Roll Fed and IML are increasingly
used to support this brandingquest. For this reason, the trait-d’unionof Derprosa’s GraphicArts capabilities combined
with Taghleef’s labels films and experience provides the opportunity to offer unique solutions and labels products
that can make the difference:
• Antibacterial protection (Bacterstop): Deliverable in lamination films with a gloss or matte finish, but with a
protective surface which kills 99,9% of critical bacteria on contact. Ideal for personal care and hygiene brands.
• Luxurious SoFT TOUcH surfaces: The peachy surface feel of packaging for segments such as cosmetics
packaging, high end electronics boxes, spirits cartons and others, can now be considered for other brands who
want their Roll fed or Pressure Sensitive Labels to communicate feelings of luxury, smoothness and superior
qualities of their brands
• Anti-Scratch and Graphics Enhancement: Expensive and luxurious packaging is not easily scratched and does not
lose graphics pop - or else sales are compromised! So using Derprosa’s Antiscratch and Metalized Enhance films
maintains highest quality and even 3-D graphics effects shining through. A powerful marketing tool indeed.
Sostep into
’swideworldof labelsfilms andgraphics artsfilms; bringbig ideas andpowerful brandsof differentiated
films to your finger tips.
Neuromarketing Applied to Luxury Packaging
This past September, during COSMEETING, a show for cosmetics packaging in Paris, the Brain House
Institute Director, Antonio Ruiz, presented a study of neuromarketing applied to luxury packaging with
SoFT TOUcH® by Derprosa. Neuromarketing is a discipline through which selected psycho-physiological
measurement variables (such as brain activity, heart rate, electro-dermal response, etc.) are studied
for the effects emotions provoke to predict customer behavior. Selected people have been subjected to different
scientific tests, objectively and without any prior conditioning or influence, where the following aspects were analyzed:
a) The tactile experience of Derprosa’s SoFT TOUcH®
b) Emotional impact on the consumer
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