Ti-News n. 13 // January 2015 - page 14

Flexible Packaging Solutions for
Tea Packs
Printed IML
in Morocco
with Taghleef
Besides water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world. For over 50 years, the company
Arousa Tea
has been a pioneer in tea manufacturing, serving the Arabic and European countries, and is one of
the largest producers in Egypt.
has partnered with
El Arousa Tea
on a brand new project: The packaging of a
vacuumtea pack, wherewewere to replace a PET/Foil/PE structure.
has developed a newfilm,
, which
is a high barrier metalized film, with both sides treated. The DZ406 was proposed, and successfully tested, as
it is suitable for multi-layer (3+) sandwich laminations. The new vacuum tea pack is now produced with TSS/
DZ406/PE, whereas our DZ406 replaced the aluminum foil, and the TSS replaced the PET film.
There are multiple applications for the DZ406:
• Low concentrated ketchup sachets
• Shampoo sachets
• Powdered tea vacuum packs for one year shelf life packs.
And in all of the above product structures, the DZ406 successfully
passed the following tests:
• Shelf life from 15 to 18 months, specifically in the shampoo sachets
• Barrier properties
• Product weight change of packaged product
• Compatibility with the product contents
• Packaging feasibility on the production machine
• Laminated material properties.
FLEXOPRINT is the new born activity of the DIRECTPRINT GROUP.
DIRECTPRINTwas created in 1996 in Casablanca, Morocco to serve theMoroccanmarket
with high quality offset and digital printing. The owners, Mr. Younes BENCHEKROUN
and Anas CHRAIBI, have entered the flexible market recently with the company
FLEXOPRINT. This new entity is equipped with a brand new HD UV flexo press, which
allows them to follow the successful path of DIRECTPRINT. They provide innovation,
integrated pre-press activities, high quality printing and finishes, flexibility and
reactivity, while also delivering all sorts of packaging for the food industries.
Today, FLEXOPRINT has successfully launched the first printed IML using the
LIM. The LIM film is a white-cavitated, 5 layer BoPP film for injection in-mould (I-IML)
polypropylene containers, which gives outstandingmechanical and optical performance in
printing and injection moulding applications. Proving their success in this new enterprise,
FLEXOPRINT received the innovation award for their IML printing technology at the latest
edition of CFIAMorocco this past September.
is proud to be part of this great evolution
in the Moroccan packagingmarket while we pursue our commitment to this market.
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