Ti-News n. 13 // January 2015 - page 12

LTG: A Clear Innovation
in Transparent Labels
All-Around Performance
As part of our consistent approach in upgrading our product lines, in order to offer
additional value to the industry,
hasannounced the launchof anewgradeof transparent
label film for wrap around labeling (WAL). This new film,
, is an extremely clear film,
which exhibits a no-label look on the bottles with its improved optical properties. The
film is designed for both conventional inks and UV printing, which is the system being
utilized today in the current market applications.
The LTG film offers improved mechanical properties, reduced & consistent COF, as well
as very high antistatic characteristics. LTG has been embraced by the water & beverages
industry in theMiddle East and Levantmarkets. Digital Labels in Jordanwas one of the early
adopters and partners in the qualification progress at many multi-national companies.
Middle East
Heat Seal Range
100°C - 140°C
0.18 – 0.23
50 dynes, Long Retention
< 5 KV
All Inks, Reduced Consumption
Property / Condition
In line with continual change and sophistication in the world of
converting, increasing speed has become the norm to address
the economic challenges that converters continue to face. As a
champion of industry-friendly solutions,
has developed a new
transparent, heat sealable BoPP film for high speed printing and
unmatched packaging performance.
The D407 film has exceptionally high surface energy, which
makes it suitable for high speed printing applications, and is
compatible with all printing ink technologies. Due to the superior
optics and high gloss, the film provides excellent aesthetic
appeal to any package for better differentiation on the shelf.
D407 may be printed with solvent-based, water–based, extended
gamut, EB or UV inks, where instant ink adhesion off the press
is guaranteed. The printed D407 film can be used for extrusion
lamination as well, including in-line. D407 offers a wide heat seal
range, along with low and consistent COF, which is desired by food
companies utilizing high speed packaging lines.
Blood, as unique it is, remains in constant
demand for accident victims, hemophiliacs,
surgical patients, infants, patients battling
cancer and many others.
organizations and centers are of great value in
meeting these needs. As part our Community
Initiatives, the
Oman staff supported a blood
donation drive held at Sohar Hospital, in Sohar,
Oman on October 3, 2014.
We’d like to thank everyone who donated
and participated in such a needy and
worthwhile cause.
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