Ti-News n. 13 // January 2015 - page 11

Eye-Catching In-Mould Labels.
are Used on the Latest IML
Leading Brands in SEA
Asia Pacific
A collaboration between Beauty Label and Packaging Sdn. Bhd and
Taghleef Industries (
) has yielded an attractive, yet cost effective,
in-mould label (I-IML) solution for one of the leading margarine and
specialty fats brands, ‘Naturel’ from Lam Soon Group. The label exceeded
stringent design, processing and packaging requirements. The IML
film grade used is LIL70 supplied from
’s plant in Australia, designed
especially for markets in ANZ and the SEA regions.
offers the widest portfolio of films
both for injection molded and thermoformed
containers. The solid core films range extends
from ultra clear, to matte clear and white films.
The voided white films deliver from high gloss to
smooth to satin and even orange peel post mold
finishes. Designers can choose many container
finishes for a wide variety, from large containers
like paint pails and buckets with high gloss finish, from solid white films to “satin” finish
for margarine containers, to “orange peel” for stadium cups. Ever increasing demand and
focus is on metallic IML look.
The superior graphics of Injection IML labels is often perceived as more costly than other
labeling technologies. However, as an example, I-IML containers have no release liner waste
(as in PSL). In case of mis-printed, direct print container, the whole container is rejected.
Also, I-IML containers offer 5 sides decoration capability (bar codes at the bottom), leaving
design freedom (using highest quality graphics) for brand owners on the consumer facing
sides and lids.
Lam Soon Group’s business activities include plantation/milling, refining of cooking oil,
manufacturing of margarine, specialty fats, soap, detergents and oleochemicals. With
strong brands and with extensive sales & distribution network, Lam Soon Group is also
recognized as a major fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) player. The
Lam Soon brand is a leading household name in Southeast Asia.
Beauty Label and Packaging Sdn. Bhd. from Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
specializes in both customized label and packaging printing that complies
with world-class market requirements and standards. Beauty Label
provides a comprehensive range of label technologies from self-adhesive
labels to wet glue labels, injection in-mold labels, packaging boxes,
metallized look prints and packaging. The range makes Beauty Label
a one-stop solutions provider that stays on top of the latest trends in
printing technology.
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