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Mission Foods is one of the world’s largest manufacturers
of tortillas and flatbreads. With a 101 manufacturing plants
worldwide, and a presence in 113 countries, Mission Foods are
leaders in the industry with high quality products and constant
product innovation. In 2008, Mission Foods opened their purpose
built plant in the Melbourne suburb of Epping.
have been
supplying packaging films to Mission Foods from the beginning,
and have shared a long partnership together.
As Mission Foods continues to expand globally and into new
categories, it is increasingly important they stay ahead of their
competitors in all facets of their business, including packaging.
Because of this, Mission Foods is always on the lookout for
innovative packaging materials and designs. “Our supply
partners, such as
, are critical to the success of our products
across both our retail and foodservice ranges”, said Erin-Jade
Watson, Mission Foods National Marketing Manager. “We
believe premium packaging is essential to ensure our customers
receive quality Mission products.”
In 2015 Arnott’s will celebrate 150 years of supplying
Australia - and the world - Australia’s favourite
biscuits. Tracing a straight line from the first bakery,
established in 1865 in a coastal city north of Sydney,
Arnott’s rightly recognizes themselves as a piece of
Australia’s history. But beyond just history, Arnotts
is a vital part of the Australian economy.
According to the company’s website, Arnott’s has
purchased over $3 billion in raw ingredients and
services “from local farmers and businesses over the
past decade.”
Taghleef’s Wodonga site has been supplying films
to Arnotts for over 25 of these 150 years. The supply
relationship with Arnott’s is among Taghleef’s
closest partnership.
Surface Print Metallised Films
Leveraging Quality
for Customers in Asia Pacific
Arnott’s 150 year
Mission Foods
Asia Pacific
Multinational food companies have been successfully introducing new
snack offerings into Asia Pacific utilising brightly packaged single serve
snack packaging using high quality
Asia Pacific ZSA28metallised BOPP
formany years. These fun, bite size portions ofwestern snacking favourite
chocolate brands employ inviting surface printed graphics to complement
the appeal of
Asia Pacific metallised films.
Taghleef Asia Pacific is now upping the ante by offering ZMB28 - a medium barrier surface printable metalized film
for additional protection against oxygen and moisture. Taghleef believes end-users and converters will value ZMB28
for their high print fidelity and additional flavour protection. Taghleef, Asia Pacific ZSA28 and ZMB28 metallised
films add further value by simplifying procurement and stocking decisions, as they can be used for both cold seal and
heat sealable monoweb applications.
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