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The use of cold seal adhesives for the packaging of
heat sensitive food products, such as chocolate, has
become quite a common solution over the years.
This practice has obviously been supported by the
development of different cold seal release films and
lacquers in order to avoid any blocking phenomena
during the use or storage of the converted reels.
Taghleef Industries, having already in its product
portfolio a broad range of transparent films
with very good cold seal release properties, has
developed a new BOPP, cold seal release, matte
film, MMR, because the market now requires a
low luster, matte version that is able to maintain
the same traditional cold seal release performance
MMR is a superior performing material, which is
able to match an outstanding aesthetical aspect
(both in terms of paper-like visual appearance and
soft silky touch) and a very good cold seal release
effect. MMR is available in 20µm, and has been
specifically developed to be used in laminates for
chocolate overwrapping solutions.
This new MMR can be used in lamination with ERD,
a Taghleef Industries’ high performance, white
voided BOPP film used in confectionery and other
snack applications.
Printed and laminated by
- a Matte Film
with Soft Release
One of the most innovative molders in North America
in Canada, who are reported to have supplied
the very first in-mold labeled containers into North
America. Responding to sustainability efforts to reduce
container wall thicknesses, Taghleef is partnering with
IPL to promote the SkinnyPack™ concept, which is
significant because the in-mold label itself becomes
the wall of the container! The specialized labels are
printed and die cut by the leading US-based, injection
in-mold label supplier,
Inland Label
SkinnyPack™ could be the ultimate thin wall container.
One is left to wonder if this concept is more of a
flexible packaging concept made rigid, or a flexible
film hybrid of a rigid package. This concept is sparking
significant interest amongst brand owners responding
to innovative, sustainable (thinnest wall) packaging
solutions, which stand up and out on the store shelf.
Flexiblemeets Rigid