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- a Top Film
for Coffee Packaging
Taghleef Industries recently developed a slip-
modified, white voided BOPP film, which is suitable
for VFFS packaging: ERF 28 µm.
This film is used for stand up pouches and will improve
our customer’s cost-value position for applications in
the baked goods, sweets and snack industries.
ERF 28 µm pouches, laminated with our transparent
standard coex film, TSS, were distributed to the
visitors of Taghleef Industries at our Interpack booth.
, aGerman based rotogravure printer,
was our partner in this “exhibition pouch project“, and
they were further supported by
Janoschka GmbH
Verdener Keks
, as well as
Waffelfabrik Hans Freitag
GmbH & Co.
is an innovative flexographic printer in the
Netherlands who has printed the foil for Douwe
Egberts (D.E. Master Blenders).
In this case the mission was to make a foil with a
matt golden color, which could be used for quarto
sealed packs for instant coffee. Altacel decided to
make a tri-laminate with the
MUS as top film so
that the packs could get the desired appearance.
This ended into a foil with the right specifications
for good and consistent runabilty on the packaging
ERF Film
for VFFS Packaging
Packaging Efficiency at its Best
The packages of nuts, which we distributed during the Interpack show, are an example of the long-standing
cooperation between
. The package was made of a laminate comprised of EXTENDO XTMH (high
barrier transparent BOPP film) and TSS (transparent coex BOPP), and it provides an efficient, cost-effective
and high performance packaging solution for these types of products. Additionally, unlike most common
barrier laminates, this package is made entirely of PP, which makes it fully recyclable.
TCL is a UK-based provider of printed flexible packaging films. Established in 1999, their facilities are
accredited to ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and BRC standards. TCL provides expertise in printing, coating, lamination,
and the micro-perforation of films used for many well known food and non-food brands. TCL is a three time
winner of the EFTA print awards.