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Graphic Arts
/ Europe
Derprosa offers the widest film range for lamination and graphic arts applications with products like:
• SoFT TOUcH®:
The first BOPP film with tactile properties in history, and designed and patented by
Derprosa. This is a film with smooth and soft tactile effect that creates 50% more matte than any
other standard matte film in the marketplace. Derprosa’s SoFT TOUcH® enhances colors and makes
them brighter than ever.
A wide range of colored films with uniform tonality on all surfaces, avoiding the need to
use difficult colors when printing. All of these products are printable allow all kinds of finishes, and are
easy to use when making boxes. This range consists of:
BLACK Luxury:
SoFT TOUcH® effect on an elegant black finish.
RED/BLUE Metallized:
A metallized filmwith both a red and blue finish, and incorporates
anti-fingerprint and anti-scuff properties.
A metallized printable filmwith the best mirror effect one can find on a BOPP film.
The first matte, metallized film in the market with anti-scuff and
anti-fingerprint properties.
A printable, extra-matte, metallized film that achieves holographic 3D effects.
Gloss and matte films that oxo-degrade between 18 and 36 months, depending on UV
light and temperature. Derprosa offers the chance of applying this technology on any of their materials.
Matte and satin-matte films for many applications (book covers, packaging,
posters,…), and exhibiting the best scuff resistance to avoid damage to the product over time.
Thefirst glossBOPPfilmtobeglued, printedand laminated, thanks to itsgreat varnishadherence
and excellent glitter bonding. This is the best alternative to acetate, high gloss BOPET or acrylic.
The first range of films with anti-bacterial properties that kills up to 99,9%of bacteria
that comes into contact with the film.
Special films designed to laminate digital printings, dark ends, dense inks, or difficult jobs
with a thickness greater than 250 grams.
Glossy, matte, and satin-matte BOPP films manufactured with the confidence and
guarantee of our 25 years of experience in the market.
Derprosa was present this past May at Luxe Pack New York, the most important American
luxury packaging show.
Prominent companies in the cosmetics and consumer electronics
visited our booth,
and were amazed with the quality, finishes and possibilities offered by our
product lamination range. Derprosa also participated in the innovation conference panel, where
we posed the following question: Do you know that 7 out of 10 customers would choose your
products? This answer was given by an external consultancy group, Brainhouse, which specializes
in neuromarketing.
This consultant has done research by evaluating different psychophysiological variables (brain
activity or heartbeat) to determine how people react when they see and touch Derprosa’s SoFT TOUcH® film in
different applications (packaging, books, drinks or flyers). The result was conclusive, and revealed that
film increased the purchasing choice by 70%, and emotional connection with the final Customer by 275%.
Luxe Pack New York
− Another Successful Derprosa Exhibition.