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Derprosa offers the most quality products
for the following sectors:
: Derprosa offers labels for Roll Fed, Cut & Stack, Pressure Sensitive (Self Adhesive),
and In Mould applications. Additionally, we offer you the possibility of giving special finishes.
Food Packaging
: Derprosa offers a wide range of products for this sector, with Bacterstop and other
films to prevent condensation and mist, among other things, and offering the best food conservation.
This line is completed with transparent, matte, coextruded, white, pearlized and metallized films.
Graphic Arts
: This is the main market for Derprosa’s films. This product range is not only made
to protect the printing, but also to give all customers high added value to their packaging and
laminations, and offering the widest range of films with tactile properties, scuff free, metallized,
colored, eco-friendly…
/ Europe
Innovation has led us to develop globally unique
products, such as SoFT TOUcH®, thanks in part to a
high standard of quality, flexibility of operations and
a strategy absolutely oriented to our clients. Together
with the magnificent group of professionals that make
up our company, this has made the Derprosa brand a
global leader in the world of film.
Our R&D team offers the market an average of 7-10 new
referrals every year. This, coupled with the continuous
improvement of the existing range, the continuous
improvement of our operations (both production and
logistics to bring Derprosa products to our customers
worldwide with delivery times of only 24 hours in many
cases), the rapid commercial expansion of our sales
team to be present on five continents, our range, and
the ability to make new products for our clients, makes
Derprosa the leader of its sector.