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Derprosa Film
Derprosa Film is a Spanish company based
in Alcalá la Real (Jaén) with over 25 years of
experience, and specialising in the development,
manufacture and marketing of bi-axially
oriented polypropylene film for graphic arts,
food and labels. We base our
, for which DERPROSA is
known worldwide.
The company has a global network of customers
and distributors, reaching more than 60
countries in 5 continents, and with a subsidiary
in the USA (Derprosa Specialty Films). We are
market leaders in Spain and one of the leading
manufacturers in Europe with representatives in Portugal, France, Italy, Germany and the
UK. Our spirit of innovation and outstanding service is recognised and highly valued by our
customers. Quality is the backbone of our proposal, with one goal:
Complete customer
Derprosa’s production process meets the highest standards of environmental and
sustainability, thus contributing to the respect and protection of the environment. The result
of all these exceptional values allows us to be a great company
, providing
high added value through our products.
/ Europe
The industrial plant is located in Alcalá la Real. It consists of four coextruders,
two main extrusion lines for the production of biaxially orientated polypropylene
film (with a manufacturing capacity greater than 30,000 tonnes/year), two
extrusion-coating lines, one metalliser, seven slitters,
and one recovery and regranulation station for the film
to be re-used in the process.
Derprosa also has a sales office in Madrid, distribution
platforms in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, United
Kingdom and Mexico, and a subsidiary company,
Derprosa USA Specialty Films, in North America for
marketing our products in the USA, Central America
and Canada.