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the difference
José Ángel Medina
Derprosa Managing Director
When I came into contact for the first time with Detlef Schuhmann,
Tercé Henriquez and Dominic Leary, and had the opportunity to listen to
them about the Taghleef project, the culture established by the team, its
impressive evolution in recent years, and the idea of what the
would be endeavoring next, I immediately thought that Derprosa should
definitely be part of this exciting project. More than one year later, we can
proudly announce that Derprosa is part of the strongest powerhouse, worldwide, in the BoPP industry.
For 25 years, the Derprosa brand has been synonymous with technical excellence, innovation and quality,
but mostly, its tailored solutions.The opportunity to team up with
adds the global distinctiveness to
our DNA, opening a place under the motto “think globally, act locally”.
Beyond synergies, reach, efficiencies and scales, this stage requires of us, and at the same time gives
us, a great opportunity to change our way of thinking, and action, in pursuit of a new goal: Return to the
market a greater added value than Derprosa and
had provided independently in the past. It invites us
to find a new level of excellence, to focus our efforts on continuous innovation in the constant search for
new solutions, and above all, love what we do and those who do it.
For the old Derprosa, now
, today is a great opportunity to incorporate the best performances without
losing our essence, service mindset, innovation, and creation of previously unknown needs, and promote
themto bring our global solutions to each local market. For the current global-leading
, it’s amagnificent
opportunity to extend the model of excellence to all market segments, and also incorporating to its
proposal, a previously unattended and complementary product offering. In a nutshell, we’ll be adding the
finest of each, so that the result is not two, but 4.
From here, I encourage you to visit this newmember of the family,
, and see the enormous value that this
powerful union will return to the market in the coming years. And that, no doubt, will make a difference.
Let´s film, let´s Taghleef!
Innovation is what differentiates
a leader from a follower
Steve Jobs