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Dear Customers, Dear Colleagues,
Here we are, mid-year 2014, and I see no respite in our
level of activity. I had the pleasure to meet many of you
during Interpack, and was able to judge the intensity and
the strategic value of our common interests. For Taghleef
Industries, this was an outstanding event, where we could
feel the pulse of the market and verify the relevance of
our offerings. I was also able to spend time with each of the Ti executives that
were present, enjoying privileged moments in the building of our group.
We are welcoming a new member to Taghleef Industries, Derprosa Film from
Spain, as we continue our quest to strengthen our product and asset portfolio,
clearly this time, with an organization anchored in the specialties sector. I am
curious to witness how fast our teams will deploy the unique know-how of this
company, and how much Derprosa’s management will influence Ti so we may
become an even better organization.
In regard to our internal growth, I would like to salute our Egyptian colleagues,
and our European Sales force, for the successful ramp-up of the new line at
6th of October City, as well as our engineering specialists, who are already busy
on the next large investments for Terre Haute in the USA and for Tiszaújváros
in Hungary.
Challenges remain on all fronts for sure. Yet once again, I see Taghleef Industries
in a stronger position than a year before.
Thank you, and let us keep the pace.
Dr. Detlef Schuhmann
CEO Ti Group