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and Positive Packaging
A Story of Growing Together
Positive Packaging, UAE is one of the largest flexible packaging converters
in the Middle East and one of
’s largest customers. Positive Packaging,
UAE, with production sites in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah, has partnered
in key product development projects. To celebrate this long
standing business relationship,
organized a full day seminar, “Innovative
Workshop on New Generation Films”, at Bab Al Shams Desert Resort and
spa in Dubai on 8th April 2014.
The event was attended by representatives of Technical, Sales and
Operations from both sides, as well as representatives from Positive Packaging, India & Nigeria. It was
an opportunity for
to keep the Positive Packaging team abreast of the recent developments within the
organization, regarding the servicemodels envisionedby
in the global arena. Also, specialists fromthe
Team conducted presentations on our innovations and newly developed product ranges, such as EXTENDO™,
NATIVIA™, Labels, and Metalized films, in addition to sharing their global experiences.
The seminar created a platform for mutual exchange of ideas and thoughts on various market segments and
packagingapplications. Theday endedwitha fabulous dinner, onamarvelous eveningunder anopenskyglittered
by stars, with the enchanting view of desert dunes at Al Hadheerah restaurant. The Arabic hospitality was at full
view, with a dazzling falconry display, a camel caravan, a horse show, some traditional music, and an amazing
Tanoura dance. It was a casual atmosphere where the members of the Executive Management of Positive
Packaging, as well as
, mingled with their teams to make the event most memorable, and strengthened the
relationship for years to come.
The Middle East is the fastest growing market for tobacco
consumption in theworld. Though it accounts for a small percentage
of global consumption, the region still represents a substantially
growing market due to its demographic strength and rising
disposable income. The Middle East is also a region that is attracting
much investment in facilities for the production and manufacturing
of tobacco products. Dubai is considered to be a significant hub for
tobacco exports and re-exports, mainly into Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia
and the Levant markets. As the prominent player in the Middle
East for BOPP films, it is a natural fit for
to enter the tobacco
market with our innovative overwrapping solutions. Armed with the
expertise gained from
is well prepared to penetrate
into other regions, especially the Middle East and Africa. Tobacco films from
meet the high standards required to
perform on the latest high speed, tobacco wrapping machines. Our portfolio includes non-shrink, shrink, high shrink,
as well as printable shrink tobacco films. TheWorld Tobacco Exhibition in Dubai, which was held during 1-2 April, 2014
at the Dubai World Trade Center, was an ideal start for our efforts in the Middle Eastern markets, as this exhibition
had a massive participation from the producers within the UAE.
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/ Africa
Tobacco Exhibition
in Dubai