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has been playing an active role in the growth & development of the South African
Flexible Packaging Industry over the past several years. We enjoy good business
relationships with key end users, as well as the converters. Our local partner, Flexible
Packaging & Exporting Co. CC, has supported us to foster
growth, expand market base, and establish long standing
business relationships in South Africa.
Utilizing the expertise and services of Heneways Freight
Services LLC,
established its first Bond Store in the
African region at Edwinwales, Durban in June, 2013. The
facilities we offer our customers at Bond Store include
port clearing, storage, as well as customs and deliveries
on call off. Our IT systems have been designed to provide
our customers visibility of their stocks at the Bond Store,
while the storage facility is designed to handle up to
1000 tonnes of film at any point in time.
Processes are in place to deliver goods to our customers within 48 hours. Our Bond
Warehouse at Durban helps us to further extend our services to our customers and
increase our market share. In order to complement our efforts to the South African Flexible
Packaging Industry,
organized technical seminars to our major customers during this
year. The seminars were held at the “Makaranga, Durban” on the 12th and 13th of February,
2014, and were well received by our customers. The guests were made aware of the latest
trends in the BOPP Food and Label segments, along with an innovative product range,
which offers distinct advantages to both the converters and end users.
’s initiatives in providing packaging solutions that use renewable resources
like NATIVIA™, and our quest for lowering our carbon footprint, were explained.
its Commitment
towards South Africa
/ Middle East
/ Africa
Ti seminar with Afripack team
Ti seminar with Nampak team