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EGL 38
Gaining Momentum
Adding additional
to our Service
A favourite format of Salty Snacks and Chips for busy families is the “multipack.” The “multipack” conveniently offers
families a package of individual single servings bundled in an attractive vertically formed filled and sealed (VFFS) over-
package. In Australia and New Zealand EHD 35 is in use with the premier snack marketers. EHD 35’s superior stiffness
and heat seal strength has allowed the VFFS over-package to be designed as a surface printed mono-web rather than the
reverse printed lamination typically used. The EHD 35 mono-web structure saves material and conversion costs for the end-
user as well as provides a brilliant white printing surface. This printing surface compares favourably with laminations used
in competitive products. The attractiveness of this multipack is verified every day by consumers at the point of purchase.
Asia Pacific
Amoolya Stanly:
Amoolya Stanly has joined
as an Assistant
Manager in Customer Service, and she will be
based in Dubai. Amoolya has more than 10
years of experience in sales support, logistics
and customer service, having worked in various
industries like Energy & FMCG in the UAE. She
holds a Masters degree in Marketing, along
with a diploma in International Business, where
she specialized in Supply Chain Management.
Silvia Torres:
Silvia Torres joined
as a Customer Service
Representative, where she will be based in
Dubai. Silvia holds a Business Administration
degree, and she has 6 years of experience in
Sales and Marketing in Mexico, Shanghai &
Dubai in the stainless steel and hospitality
/ Middle East
/ Africa
In a continuous effort to streamline production and optimize maximize
value to customers, Taghleef Asia Pacific is continuously re-evaluating
the product portfolio. As part of this effort EGL 38 with high yield, high
opacity and gloss has been designed to replace EMG 35 and EMG 42.
This rationalization of two older films into one newly designed enhanced
product is an attractive offering to package designers. Of special interest
to these package designers is the use of EGL 38 in horizontal formfill and
seal (HFFS) applications requiring lower heat seal initiation temperatures.
In applications such as ice cream and chocolates wrapping where heat
from all sources must be minimized EGL 38 is gaining momentum.
EHD 35
Demonstrating Value
in Multipacks