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Barrier Film Portfolio Evolution
The OPP Barrier Film market continues to evolve and expand. More
packaged products are requiring extended shelf life and increasing the
need for both clear and metallized barrier films. In the Americas,
has been growing sales and expanding our OPP barrier film portfolio
(sealable & non-sealable metal, clear barrier), and we expect this trend
to continue.
Americas’ sealable metallized barrier films, which include MT and
MTSW, have seen good growth in the past 18 months. These films are
mainly utilized in moderate barrier applications, such as salty snacks,
bakery and confections. This segment of our portfolio is a high priority,
as we focus on increasing our barrier targets. Since this is a worldwide,
multi-regional development program, we are utilizing all
platforms and expect to expand this portfolio in the near future. In our
non-sealable metallized barrier films, including MXT and MPF, we are
also experiencing growth in both North and South America.
Both our domestic and international groups are having success using
these products to replace metPET and foil, and to grow our supply into
confectionery, nutritional, and baked goods applications.
In the last
News, we wrote about the successes in our clear barrier
portfolio (HXB, HBTX, and UHX). These products continue to grow in
the snacks, bakery, and confectionery market segments, where our
customers continue to desire both higher barrier and more sustainable
versions of these products.
opens HUB in central America
Taghleef Industries selected Latin America as a strategic growth region, and is
demonstrating it through action by placing a warehouse for our customers to hold
inventory in El Salvador. Through the years
has participated in Latin America through
both good and bad times; with a stronger dollar and a weaker one; with higher import
duties; through wars [Malvinas/Faukland islands] and through resin allocations. However,
is always present in the area, giving Latin America the importance it deserves.
By continually participating in the region, we provide highqualityfilms to key endusers and
converters, who have come to expect consistent delivery of
’s products, including high
barrier films, which keep products fresh and protected from the environmental conditions,
and allow packages to run efficiently at higher speeds on different packaging equipment.
We currently have inventory stocking programs with key customers in El Salvador,
Guatemala, and Santo Domingo. We have expectations to grow, since we understand
the strategic importance of Latin America and trust the investments
has placed in the
/ Americas