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Delivering Value
in the Cut & Stack Label Market
The Cut and Stack Label (CSL) market is diverse and includes labels for beverages such as
water, fruit juices, wine, and products for household cleaning. The traditional substrate in this
market was paper-based, however as wet strength, gloss and chemical resistance requirements
arose, superior performing BOPP-based labels entered the market. BOPP labels further enable
improved graphics and are more recycle friendly and energy efficient than paper. As BOPP films
were adopted, it was found that most CSL applications would need to use 2-side clay coated
BOPP films to best match the similarities of paper through printing and labeling equipment.
These films, while superior at the time, involved additional coating steps and raw materials,
which added a price only afforded in premium applications.
Taghleef has developed an uncoated, opaque voided, BOPP filmwith new skin technology, which
meets the conversion and processing demands of this market AND delivers the superior labeling
performance. The value to our customers extends beyond the performance against paper, or
versus a coated BOPP film’s superior graphics.
’s films are more recyclable and energy friendly,
which is voiced as an increasingly important criteria by main-stream and private label brands,
and large retail outlets.
In early 2014,
introduced CSL 281, which with its technology is positioned to quickly take
a significant share of this market segment. The key attributes of this product are good in-
line sheeting & feeding, improved graphics, reduced ink offsetting, and improved labeling
performance. In just a few short months, the
Americas team commercialized the CSL 281
grade with select converting and labeling partners.
The CSL 281 is available in nominal 75µ (49 gm/m
unit weight) and 90µ (56 gm/m
unit weight)
thicknesses, and it complements
’s “best in class” transparent cut and stack film, CSL 411.
CSL 411 is available in nominal 58µ thickness (53 gm/m
unit weight) and offers the widest
converting and operating window in the industry today. The
Global Label team is working to
transfer this technology across regions. These films will be showcased at Labelexpo Americas
and Pack Expo in Chicago, IL USA later this year.
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