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Focus: Digital printing
Taghleef, Les Etiquettes, Xeikon
Integrated Partners in DigitaL IML
abeling (
) is rapidly gaining popularity for decorating plastic containers. With In-Mould
Labeling the label becomes an integral part of the container, applied during container molding and
not added on at a later stage in the process. The result is eye-catching packaging that stands out
on the shelves.
Brand owners are looking for ways to differentiate themselves in an attempt to defend
their market share. Special IML versions of their packaging are a way of doing that.
Container variety and diversification and promotional efforts are proliferating and as a
consequence, shorter labels print runs became a reality, with the highest quality graphics.
Conventional printing technologies struggle to provide affordable solutions for today’s demands
for product launches, short runs and personalization. “Digital printing of in-mould labels can
overcome the issues of conventional technologies and will enable further growth of the in-mold
label market,” says Filip Weymans, Xeikon’s Director of Segment Marketing Labels & Packaging.
Xeikon NV is an innovator in digital printing technology. The company designs, develops and
delivers web-fed digital color presses for labels and packaging applications, document printing, as
well as commercial printing. Their presses utilize LED-array-based dry toner electrophotography,
open workflow software and application-specific toners. Xeikon printing technology is well
suited to In Mould Labels using Taghleef substrates, highlighting the value of the strong
cooperation between
’s film solutions and Xeikon’s digital print technology in IML.
In today’s competitive IML landscape offering the highest level of quality and service is
paramount. The only printer in North America dedicated solely to IML Labels production is a
Canadian company,
Les Etiquettes IML
, who is dedicated to such service and quality. Xeikon
digital print presses deliver both the high quality graphics and fast turnaround Les Etiquettes
requires for certain high SKU or promotional IML projects, and even project prototyping.
Both Xeikon and Les Etiquettes trust Taghleef’s films for such jobs. An outstanding example
container is the 0.5L container. The eye catching “red apple graphics” surrounded with a
black background highlights stunning print capability. The smooth finish delivered by the
“micro voided” LIH70 compliments the graphics, imparting a luxurious container look &
feel. Another container is the smaller yoghurt fruit cup, where the fruit looks “good enough
to eat”! Such shelf appeal and impact is attractive to brand owners to differentiate their
products and catch the eye of consumers. This iswhat integrated solutions in IML can deliver.