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Moisture barrier is one of the most appreciated
properties in BOPP film, making it the ideal solution for
packaging of moisture-sensitive products like biscuits
and snacks.
Simple, transparent BOPP already offers good
moisture barrier properties, with WVTR between 7.0
and 2.5 gr/m2/d, depending on the thickness (higher
the thickness, lower the transmission rate). For those
who need a better moisture barrier performance from
their OPP packs, there are two solutions:
- Increasing the thickness of BOPP
- Use a metalized BOPP
Using a metalized BOPP is the most widely used
technology, as metallization can reduce WVTR
considerably (WVTR as low as 0.1 g/m
/day is
now quite common in the industry). However,
metallization also means that the packaged product
will not be visible to the consumer.
On the other hand, increasing the thickness means
increasing packaging weight and, as a consequence,
the unit cost and carbon footprint.
EXTENDO™ XTMV offers the possibility to increase
moisture barrier without increasing packaging
weight, and without compromising transparency.
This film, currently available in 25mic, offers a
WVTR equivalent to that of a standard 48mic coex
BOPP film, thus providing possibilities for shelf life
extension as well as packaging weight reduction.
Additionally, EXTENDO™ XTMV comes with a low
temperature sealant (95°C), which makes it the ideal
solution for high-speed HFFS machines of biscuits,
bakery and snacks.
A roll of EXTENDO™ XTMV has been gravure printed
for Interpack by our partner
, a printing
company based in San Marino (IT) experts in using
rotogravure and flexography technologies on
transparent, paper laminated and metalized films.
The tailor-made printing used a four-color process
technology. In some parts the white color was not
used to enhance the gloss of the base film.
/ Europe
Clear BOPP filmwith Enhanced
Moisture Barrier Performance