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Discovering Taghleef in the
Supply Chain
Discovery Flexibles are one of the UK’s leading flexible packaging converters, specialising in gravure print
and conversion. With a fifty year history of packaging manufacture, Discovery Flexibles are recognised as
the chosen supplier of packaging films to an increasing number of high profile UK manufacturing and FMCG
businesses. Taghleef Industries are a vital supplier to Discovery Flexibles and provides a regular source of
biaxally orientated polypropylene grades.
Their close working partnership is paramount to Discovery’s success as a reactive supplier offering customers
improved lead-times, flexibility, and product diversity to maintain their high status in the ever demanding
flexible packaging market. One example of how a Taghleef supplied material emerges at consumer level is
the grade of matte polypropylene (MUS) used to form part of a high quality triplex coffee pack. Whilst the
triple structure provides excellent barrier properties to preserve aromas and guarantee the shelf life, the Ti
supplied matte film provides the premium finish and feel, which furnishes the products with a prominent
on-shelf presence. Whilst Discovery remains dedicated to their core products, they are also constantly
striving to develop packaging solutions that will make a difference and give added value to their customers.
For further information about
Discovery Flexibles, please contact:
Kemback Street
Tel: +44(0)1382 448840
part of a laminate. Arnott’s Procurement Catagory Manager – Packa-
ging, Michael Bolt, says “Tim Tams are not only enjoyed in Australia
but are now exported to over 40 countries”.
Michael adds, “BOPP films supplied from Ti Australia plant in Wodon-
ga, Australia since 1982, continue to contribute to the success of the
Arnott’s Quality image”.
Product Focus: Food