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ZSC is a metalized BOPP film that is specially designed for cold seal
applications. The non treated surface of ZSC grade film is suitable for
anchoring of cold seal adhesive and provides excellent seal strength.
The metalized surface is suitable for surface printing by “rotogravure
printing” processes. The surface energy of the metalized surface de-
pends on the ambient conditions.
It is recommended to use either the corona treatment or a special primer
on the metalized surface of the ZSC grade film for printing. A release
lacquer should be applied, or a release film should be laminated over the
printing ink to achieve a good release effect. The “very High Gloss” on the
treated surface of ZSC grade film provides excellent printing quality and
smooth release of cold seal. ZSC is available in 20& 30micron thicknesses.
ZSC has improved moisture barrier (0.5/mtr2/d), very good Oxygen barrier (50cc/mtr2/d) and a high light barrier
property. The main application of ZSC film is in the confectionery industries. It is used in the packaging of heat
sensitive products like chocolate bars and ice cream, with a higher speed in the packaging machine.
/ Middle East
/ Asia Pacific
Taghleef Industries top executives Patrick
Desies -Chief Sales & Marketing Officer T
Group, Elie Jarrous -CEO Ti Pty and Abhijit
Ghosh -Group Technical Service Manager,
attended The Packaging and Converting
Executive Forum (PACE) in Singapore on
the 5th to the 7th of November 2013.
The audience consisted of senior
packaging executives who shape the
direction and strategy of the packaging
industry, specify, recommend and
authorize tomorrow’s packaging today.
The event was designed to provide
a unique interactive and informative
forum to the top decision makers of the
packaging industry featuring visionary
keynote presentations, workshops
and one-to-one private business
development meetings. T
’s executives
had successful meetings with the key
packaging industry senior executives.
Patrick Desies, Elie Jarrous and Abhijit Ghosh