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produces a variety of barrier Metalized films, tailor-made to
specific end user requirements. However, the recently launched
ZXV combines three critical properties for a powerful, yet cost
effective, laminate structure, which guarantees high barrier
against light, gases, moisture, and high seal integrity coupled
with a wide heat seal range and excellent hot tack properties.
Products packaged with ZXV will stay fresh longer with
maximized shelf life, safeguarding optimum product quality.
The film, specially designed as a two layer laminate, is able
to replace traditional three layer laminate structures, which
are being used in many markets for packaged potato chips;
resulting in significant cost savings and plastics reduction. The
film works well for extrusion and adhesive lamination, and the packets made of ZXV are
ideal for gas flushing due to excellent seal integrity. Yes, the heat seal strength of ZXV film
is as good as CPP! Due to its low SIT of 80°C, packaging machines can run at higher speeds
contributing to a significant amount of energy savings, and less heat degradation of the food
products packaged.
The ZXV film is an ideal solution for the packaging of “heat sensitive” products. Thus, ZXV
provides a wider seal range and operating window, resulting in minimal rejections for weak
or distorted seals. ZXV is available in 18µm and fully complies with EC and FDA regulations.
CPP Film
for High Speed Packaging
DC001 is Taghleef Industries latest innovation of high speed CPP Transparent film.
DC001 has improved heat sealing range from 105°C - 140°C in comparisonwith normal T
transparentCPPfilms (CTSS,CTOS); italsohasgoodsealingstrengthwithcharacteristics
of a low COF value of < 0.20 on the non treated surface. DC001 is a film of good optic
characteristics with high clarity and high gloss. The treated surface is receptive to
adhesives with excellent machinability on packaging lines. DC001 is available in 20 &
30 micron thicknesses.
Typical applications of the DC001 are:
• Lamination and single ply applications
• Can be laminated with reverse printed BoPET & BoPP
• Direct food contact packaging (Pasta, Bakery) applications on high speed
packaging machines.
DC001 is currentlybeingsuccessfullyused in theMiddleEast for Pasta&Bakerypackaging.
DC001 film complies with EC and FDA regulations.
/ Middle East
/ Africa
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