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D408 Film
for Dried Food
/ Africa
In October 2008, Sunbites was
launched by Chipsy Co. (PepsiCo)
under the brand name Twistos.
At the time, these baked snacks
came in two delectable flavors, Oli-
ve & Oregano and Cheese & Herbs.
its name to Sunbites to be
consistent across the Middle-East.
The following year, 2013, saw the introduction of two new flavors, Butter & Garlic and Labneh & Red
Chili. The packaging is made of Ti BoPP Matte 20µ laminated with Metalized film 30µ. The Matte
film gives a silky soft touch finish, with a paper look to the pack, which is very appreciated by the
consumer. The metalized film ensures excellent barrier, maintaining the freshness of the bread bites.
launched and started supply of the newly developed film named D 408, a BoPP transparent film,
with both sides heat sealable, high COF and treated. This film responds to the rise of requests from the
Middle East and North African converters for the packaging of pasta,
rice, couscous, etc. D408 film offers a competitive advantage to cu-
stomers. The high COF leads to cost savings for pasta manufacturers
by sacrificing the use of corrugated carton boxes that usually pack fi-
nal products or by replacing the PVC Shrink Overwrap for each multiple
Pasta Packs. The D408 film plays a major role in preventing the final
packs from sliding from the overwrapping PVC shrink unit resulting from
higher machine speed and improves the production efficiency. This is
why our film is known commercially and internationally as “Sticky” film
and is available in both 20 and 25 micron. Printed on the standard COF
side, with reverse print technology, and then laminated with Cast PP,
the external surface becomes the High COF Side (0.5).