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Ti news
commissions a new
8.7m BOPP line
in Egypt
/ Africa
Soon after the production site became part of the T
in 2006, the need to expand the BoPP production capaci-
ty in the medium term became clear. While the country
went through some turbulent times, Ti took the decision to
strengthen the unit and invest close to 50 mil. US$ for new
production equipment, buildings and site infrastructure.
The strategic location of the country justifies this investment:
Egypt bridges Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Egypt is a
hub for maritime traffic with commercial ports on the Mediterranean and Red Sea. With the
site location near the capital, Cairo, the revamped plant will cover the growing demand of BoPP
films in Africa and in Europe. Being the Arab country with the highest population, local demand
for BoPP has been historically strong. The domestic market has been quite robust over the years,
and Ti has always had a strong
position serving local customers.
facilities, T
’s aim is to further
increase production flexibility,
shorten lead times, and bring
product quality and consistency
to an even higher level.
As part of the overall strategy
of the Ti Group, T
Egypt is fully
integrated with the European
operations, and benefits from the
established sales and distribution
structure already in place to
better serve customers, not only
in Europe, but worldwide.
With the expansion, the produc-
tion site has been specifically
tailored to supply transparent
and metallized BoPP films with
a focus on lower gauges, for which demand is growing. While
providing a strong coverage of this segment of standard and va-
lue added films from Egypt, T
will continue to supply its custo-
mer base with a complete range of specialty BoPP films from its
other dedicated sites.