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Dear Readers
Just in time and as planned, the teams involved with the
construction of our new high capacity line in Egypt have
completed their task. The credit for this achievement goes
to our Egyptian colleagues assisted by their Italian counter-
parts, to our central engineering specialists and to our
esteemed suppliers. I could not have dreamt of a better
conclusion for 2013, the proof that under ever changing
conditions and in all environments, Taghleef delivers as pro-
mised. In addition, there has been ample planning work with our customers and I
am now counting on the field forces to take the “baton” and deliver.
Our company continues to make strides in the Food, the Labels and the Technical
films markets. The Food applications remain an area of intense investment and
strong focus. On the front of the product portfolio, we have reengineered a num-
ber of film grades, improved quality and meet the best industry standards. We are
benefitting from the cross-fertilization of our R&D centers from the Americas, Asia
Pacific, Europe and the GCC. We are experiencing new resins, new extrusion pa-
rameters and new secondary processes. With EXTENDO™, our high barrier solu-
tions, now we offer better and cost effective protection and longer shelf-life. With
NATIVIA™, our BoPLA range of products, we stay on course building hands-on
experience for the years to come when sustainability becomes an effective priority.
We are taking a keen interest to Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent
States. Russia, the most spacious country in the world, is undergoing enormous
transformation from a centrally planned to a market based economy. The Russian
Federation is Ti’s newest frontier for its range of applications for the food, beverage,
cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.
For 2014, we will continue to pursue ambitious internal and external growth pro-
grams. And I am looking forward to the 2014 Interpack Edition, where we will
meet our customers with news of our global footprint reinforcement.
Please receive my best wishes for another exciting year.
Dr Detlef Schuhmann
CEO Ti Group