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Clear Barrier
Barrier development programs have been a strong focus of Ti
Inc. in the last several years. In 2014 we will be experiencing
some of the rewards of this developmental work, mainly in the
clear barrier market.
As with any successful product development culture, it all starts
with market intelligence and the building of relationships at our
key customers, who ultimately use our films on their products.
In North America we refer to these customers as end users.
Senior Research Associate
Bryan Bellafore,
Packaging Applications Engineer.
These customers give us the knowledge, opportunity, and evaluation of our new products. Chip
Auerbach has developed excellent relationships at our key end users, who have helped us develop
our new products.
Once we gain this information, our R&D center, under Christiane Tardy, Senior Director of Product
Development, develops these films using their vast experience and knowledge of film design
to achieve our customers specifications. Their hard work has generated a patented UHX film,
showing growth in our market.
This effort will be paying off this year in the form of increased clear barrier sales of HXB and UHX.
HXB is a nonmetallized clear, high moisture barrier film (3.7 g/m2/d). UHX is a nonmetallized
clear, high moisture and oxygen barrier film (WVTR 2.8 g/m2/d and O2 2.6 cm3/m2/d). The
total sales increase for both products will be 125% from 2013 to 2014.