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Today there is a BoPP alternative solution to the
application of a Matte lacquer to obtain a paper effect
on other plastic substrates for flexible packaging.
MHF is a newly developed Matte film, both sides heat
sealable, with increased COF. The high friction nature
of this film is particularly suited for those applications
in which too much slip can cause several problems,
especially in the end-user’s process. For example, in
the stabilization of the empty food pouches/bags
stacked before they are filled up.
From an aesthetical point of view, this Matte film
increases the graphic design’s impact and its texture
attracts consumer’s attention. At present, MHF is
particularly appreciated in the pet food converting
industry. For the customerswho search for a packaging
film that combines functionality and decoration, MHF
is the right answer.
High Friction
Matte Film
Keeping intact
the flavor
of chocolate
ELD’s low density allows a wide range of applications with heat
seal as well as cold seal. It’s high opacity and glossiness brings a
catchy appearance and adds extra value to the Galaxy Cake Bars
(baked under license by McVities Cake Company).
With a reduced “show through” the ELD allows for good light pro-
tection of the food. Pilenpak, the Turkish flexible packaging con-
verter, commented they rely on their supplier Taghleef Industries
to provide them with continuous quality and service.
Mondi Solec is a state-of-the-art converting plant lo-
cated in central Poland (around 25 km from Warsaw)
that specializes in the manufacture of high-quality
printed monofilms and laminates.
They produce for their customer, KiMs Norway (part
of Orkla Group), an innovative laminate of reverse
gravure printed, transparent coex BOPP against
white voided metalized barrier film type ZYL.
KiMs, Norway has chosen ZYL for the inside, main part
of their chips, due to
the delicate appearance
of the white inside
and controlled opening
ZYL offers excellent light
barrier, a wide heat
seal range on the non-
metallized side, and
an easy “peel” opening
that does not destroy
the package.
Easy “peel”
a new trend
in the snack packaging
Product Focus: Food