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I.D.C. Holding, JSC is the largest Slovak producer of
confectionery and pastry products with annual pro-
duction and sales exceeding 31.000,00 tons of pro-
ducts, and with annual turnover 98 million EUR. The
company’s history is based on traditions of more
than 100 years of production in the Figaro Trnava
plant and 60 years of pastry product manufacturing
in the Pe
ivárne Sere
They produce several popular product’s with tradi-
tional recipes, and have the most modern facilities
with regard to all quality requirements within their
manufacturing process.
Certainly their best-known products are Horalky,
Tatranky, Mila, Mäta, Lina, Kávenky, and Kakaové
rezy. The packaging of these wafers is BOPP, and
in several cases produced by Ti and printed by the
biggest Slovak printing house, Chemosvit Folie a.s.
Chemosvit has several printing facilities for roto-
gravure and flexo technology. The packaging of the
above mentioned products are printed with roto
technology on our BOPP films, among these pro-
ducts we have ZES 20my/MUS 20my structure in
case of Mila.
In 2012, the Brand Oreo celebrated its 100th birth-
day – a Global taste of the World’s favorite Cookie.
Taghleef Industries Inc., one of the main suppliers of
Mondelez, has been selected to provide a new OPP
packaging solution of the Oreo Duo Cookie for the
South American market.
offered an OPP package which would keep their
cream Oreo cookies fresh and at the same time run
in high speed packaging machines: a lamination of
MVT/T523-3 which ran above 400 packages per mi-
nute while keeping the cookies fresh for weeks.
MVT has an OTR less than 23 cc/m2/24hrs at 23C
and WVTR 0.16 gms/m2/24hrs at 38C 90%RH.
The case of Oreo cookies is a clear example of how
cooperates well with converters, end users and
packaging equipment manufacturers.
Wrapping the
Central Europe
confectionery and
pastry products
High speed
freshness for
Oreo cookies
Product Focus: Food