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Ta g h l e e f I n d u s t r i e s N e w s
Innovation with IML
Dishwasher Safe Container
Critical for Global End-User
When Mead Johnson, a
leading global nutraceutical
company, explained to their
primary label converter
that they needed to
decorate a container that
is reusable and dishwasher
safe, the B.I.B.B.I.T. Project
(Bag-In Box, Bag-In-Tub)
was created. The concept was for the
consumer to purchase an ergonomic
reusable plastic container of Enfamil Baby
Formula designed to fit in a diaper bag
and contain a pouch of the powdered drink mix.
It was determined that Injection In-Mold Labeling would
provide exceptional graphics and offer anti-counterfeit benefits
as well. Mead Johnson also wanted to utilize the Cut-In-Place
IML Technology to expedite the scale-up process for the supply
chain. The requirements for the container were provided to
Taghleef which resulted in recommending an over-laminate
clear film. This provided a technical solution to protect the
graphics and a laminated IML label proved robust enough to
last over 50 dishwasher cycles. Mead Johnson reported an
increase in product market share related to this package and
the container won a prestigious award given by the In-Mold
Decorating Association for Best Product Family.
Contact Taghleef today with your technical challenges and
we’ll work together to provide the appropriate solution.
for the future
Taghleef has been offering its VISON® Shrink Labels in the
Americas for over 20yrs…and now these films and the VISION®
label shrink technology is made available to the rest of the
Our portfolio of shrink label films will provide an outstanding
option for your next labeling application. You can achieve the
efficiencies of roll-fed labeling while accentuating the contours
of your plastic, metal or glass container.
Films are categorized in to “Low Shrink” which targets
containers with contours of <5% and “Medium Shrink” which
are recommend for containers requiring shrink of <12%.
Voided white opaque films offer increased opacity and more
vivid graphic appeal. Transparent films are available and provide
a high quality print surface and allow the color of the container
or its contents to provide visual appeal. Metalized low shrink
films can enhance graphics and add depth.
Vision® Shrink Label films from Taghleef are an affordable, value
added method to label contoured containers.
Invisible powers beyond imagination
No label look
BOPP Filmic labels have become the
number one alternative for the “No Label”
look presentation in the many different
Label market segments.
Transparent WAL Reel Fed is the preferred
option for mineral water bottles where
BOPP’s transparency & particularly high
gloss give the water bottle the desired
“Crystal” clear look.
Thanks to its resistance to water, humidity
and low temperature transparent BOPP
film is also the chosen Facestock for self
adhesive (pressure sensitive) beverage,
health, beauty & food container labels,
either as a monoweb or in laminate form.
LNS film is used by Spear Europe & Spear
Africa for beverage bottle labels due to
its high gloss and “window” transparency.
Used as an over laminate it successfully
shields the print, highlighting the colours
of the design. The result being a very high
“shelf appeal” product.
’s transparent self-adhesive (pressure
sensitive) films are available in various
thicknesses, offering possibilities for
downgauging, in both coated and
uncoated versions.