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Ta g h l e e f I n d u s t r i e s N e w s
Differentiate your product with metal brilliance
As you peruse the shelves of the
supermarket, filled with an endless variety
of beverages from which to choose, one
product catches your eye: GLACEAU’s
vitamin water. This label flashes its ZERO,
naturally sweetened, blood orange-mixed
berry flavor at you with Taghleef Industries’
white voided metalized film, WTML.
Differentiating your label is paramount
in providing a unique shelf appeal for
any brand. Many leading food, beverage
and consumer products companies have
utilized the eye-catching effects of a
metalized label to achieve the desired
consumer response.
Taghleef’s metalized label films provide
a shiny metal surface offering a brilliant
metallic, chrome-like appearance. Taghleef
offers a complete line of metalized labels
for a variety of label applications with
proven success.
Whether it’s…
Metalized Pressure Sensitive PSML
and LZP Labels on a health and
beauty product, like a deodorant
stick in the US and Europe; or
Metalized Roll-Fed WTML Labels
on a Diet Soda in Mexico; or
Metalized Cut & Stack Labels on a
PET beverage bottle in Europe; or
Metalized Shrink Labels on an
aerosol or coffee can in South
Africa; or even
Metalized IML Labels on a yogurt
container in Australia,
… our proven family of metalized
label substrates is catching consumers’
As Ti enhances its customers’ advertising
strategy, we continue in our mission of
supplying quality label films and creating
new labeling solutions worldwide.
We care about
the planet … Do you?
That is the question Coca-Cola is
asking on the label of its Ciel water. By
utilizing Taghleef’s RE label films, Coke
is able to communicate its message of
sustainability directly to its Mexican
While working with the regional
recycling industry, Taghleef developed
the ability to incorporate recycled
material content into its voided white
label films … without compromising
on quality, color, printability and
labeling performance. “Buy Recycled”
programs in the marketplace focus
on utilizing product with the
highest recycled content
levels. Consumers understand
this concept and appreciate it.
Taghleef produces label films
with recycled content.
We care
about the planet … Do you?
adheres to its
mission: Pre-glued
Label Innovation
LTN opens the door to label innovation:
’s Czech customer,
Obchodny Tiskarny (OTK) , uses this film for a Pre-Glued label by
printing it andapplying theadhesiveprior tothe labelingprocess.
Taghleef was able to incorporate its extensive knowledge
of cold-seal release films to develop a film that delivers
the highest pre-glued Labelling performance with regards
to application and appearance. Waldquelle’s Apfel Melisse
water, where
’s pre-glued label found its launch, provides
a beverage to consumers in
a fresh, clean bottle, dressed
with LTN.
One among few such film
producers in the world,
created this transparent,
high gloss film to be used
for Pre-Glued advanced
as we strive to serve our