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Ta g h l e e f I n d u s t r i e s N e w s
We are pleased to announce that we are
reinforcing our presence on the French market
with the introduction of an additional Area
Sales Manager : Mr Vivien Ponthieu.
Mr. Ponthieu joined Taghleef industries at the
end of 2007 at Ti headquarters in Dubai as part
of the Export Sales team. Vivien has developed
his knowledge and competencies in the BOPP
industry in different markets such as North
America, South Africa and North Africa.
Today, Vivien has joined our Export sales
department in Ti Europe. This move is a sign of
Taghleef Industries’ strong will to reinforce its
presence on the French market by expanding
its dedicated commercial team. Vivien is based
in France and therefore will have a better
insight of this regional market’s development,
enabling Ti to better continue in its mission to
provide packaging solutions worldwide.
Vivien Ponthieu also serves the North African
customers in Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria.
COMPAC designs, manufactures, distributes and services heat sealing machines, trays, vessels and
film reels through a qualified and experienced network of dealers and associates both in
Italy and abroad. PLA trays and film are among the products distributed by Compac,
besides PET and PS trays and film.
Compac, in cooperation with the University of Milan, has recently performed
a study comparing the performance of PLA vs PET in packaging of red
meat. The aim of the study was to evaluate how the bio-based and
compostable alternative made of PLA performs in comparison to
the indutry’s standard, namely PET, and the outcome has been
very interesting.
The test was performed according to the following
Materials Used:
 A-PET tray + BOPET lidding film
with gas barrier PLA tray + BOPLA lidding film
with gas barrier
Meat used:
 Piemontese beef
Modified atmosphere composition:
 66% O2,
25% CO2, 9% N2
Tests performed:
 Solid phase extraction and analysis of
the volatile substances in head space, sensory evaluation
Storing temperature:
Duration of the test:
8 days
The conclusions are very positive for PLA and NATIVIA™, confirming that PLA
packaging delivered a shelf life comparable to that of PET, if not better. In fact, meat
packed in PLA appears to have a more vivid and attractive red colour at the end of the
8 day shelf life.
Thanks to:
Dott.ssa Sara Panseri -
Dott. Luca Chiesa -
Dipartimento di Scienze Veterinarie e Sanità Pubblica - Università degli Studi di Milano
Compac – Sistemi per il confezionamento alimentare
Shelf life study on processed red meat:
PLA vs PET packaging
reinforces its presence
on the French Market
Vivien Ponthieu – Area Sales Manager
After 6 days