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Ta g h l e e f I n d u s t r i e s N e w s
ZVS - Enhanced productivity
and extended shelf life
Propack Africa 2013
Taghleef industries is proud to announce
the success of having the ZVS film run
efficiently on Schib machine for Bimo’s
wafer biscuits pack with the collaboration
of Al-Behar.
BIMO became a member of “Mondele¯ z
International” family since February 22
and is the largest producer of Biscuits,
Wafers, and Cookies in
Morocco. BIMO is the
leading player in the
market and produces
well-loved local brands
such as Tonik, Merendina,
Tagger, and Golden. The
Company has two manufacturing sites
in Casablanca and employs around 1,750
Schib is a cutting-edge Italian company,
leading in the production of horizontal
flow-packingmachines as well as automatic
feeders and automated wrapping systems.
Al-Behar Industries is a key element of
the supply chain for major Industries in
the region through its group
compan i e s
such as Al Behar
Flexibles, Chemicals, Engineering, Edible
Oils & commodities and Snacks.
All the stakeholders agreed to utilize the
advantages of
’s specialty film grades
for Bimo fast moving item “
using the recently developed metalized
film grade; “
”. Bimo needed this
development for high speed packing
machines from
– Italy. After
successful trials, Schib qualified ZVS and
recommended to use on
high speed lines.
ZVS is a barrier
metallised BOPP film
with very wide sealing
range and improved
The ultra low seal
temperature allowed Bimo to achieve
high speed on their packaging line and
better seal integrity resulting in higher
productivity and enhanced shelf life.
The ZVS film has excellent Moisture,
Oxygen and Light barrier much needed for
bakery, biscuits or confectionery products
for longer shelf life.
has been associated with the South African flexible packaging
market for over 10 years, and continued this influence by attending
Propak Africa 2013 at the Expo Center in Nasrec, Johannesburg
from the 12th to the 15th of March, 2013.
showcased its wide
product portfolio, its ability to serve the South African Flexible
Packaging Industry, and its commitment toward its customers in
is the largest exporter of BOPP Films into the South
African market due to its close working relationship with
converters and End Users,
its consistency in quality and
services, and its quest for new
’s participation at
Propak Africa 2013 was significant
amidst the changes that the South
African Flexible Packaging market
is going through (in terms of BOPP
supplies and end user preferences).
In South Africa, there has always
been a quality and service-oriented
market with which
has been a
good fit.
 is also widely respected due to its proven consistency
in policies, material quality, services and support in development
activity. The Propak Africa show was also a platform to exchange
regards with
’s loyal client base and to update the market on its
new innovative solutions.
’s white clad booth had a significant presence during the show
and was visited by all key converters as well as national and
multinational brand owners.
took the opportunity to honour its long standing customers and
handed over special mementoes
to the invited senior management
members from those organizations.
Marilyn Robertse and Duncan
Brown, who head
Films’ South
African arm, hosted a special
customer ‘get together’ during the
show. The event was held at Monte
Casino’s Palazzo Hotel and was
proved the ideal occasion to learn
more about
Films’ international
activities and growth plans.