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Ta g h l e e f I n d u s t r i e s N e w s
R&D Capabilities
Americas has positioned itself as a
market leader by assembling some of the
competent research and development
talent. Our knowledge and long history in
polymers, processing, and applications
allows us to meet customer needs within
our target markets. Our strong customer
relationships, reputation for innovative
products, and cooperative approach have
assisted numerous customers with
technical solutions that include process
support and new applications assistance.
This demonstrates how we can use
Technology to deliver solutions, not just
At the Technology Center in Delaware,
we have the capability to conduct
research, develop, and characterize new
products, analyze industry substrates, and
test specific applications.
Over 100 testing procedures
can be performed ranging
from physical properties such
as seal strength, COF and
tensile strength to optical
properties such as haze,
clarity, and gloss to complex
analysis of surfaces and substrates
through GC, IR, SEM and other analytical
techniques. In addition, we have the
capability to conduct accelerated
weathering tests, abrasion resistance,
labeling performance, and heat shrink
ability. The Technology Center also has
polymer compounding/extrusion, mono
and multi layer sheet casting,
and small sample stretching
equipment essential for new
product development.
We have a 1.6 meter pilot line
to make trial rolls that can be
processed through a pilot
laminator to create structures
that will be tested in various
applications. The pilot line
also provides process inform­
ation essential to scale up on
commercial lines.
Our internal technical capabilities
enhance our ability to develop new
product and process technology and this
improves our ability to commercialize
new films that are fit-for-use and fit-for-
make in a timely manner. Our industry
leading roll-fed label films were
developed and are continually evaluated
on typical production labelers at the
Technology Center. Research performed
over many years has pioneered industry
leading slip, sealable, high barrier, cold
seal release and other application specific
Participates in AWA Global Conferences
In April, Taghleef Industries, Inc., sponsored the 2013
AWA International
Sleeve Label Conference
Mold Technologies Seminar
held in Amsterdam,
Netherlands. The conferences enabled Taghleef the
opportunity to market our label film products and
network with key global industry leaders.
A table top exhibit enabled
display commercial samples and
promotional literature demonstrating
our position as a global leader in OPP
Films. Paul Marquard, North America
Sales Director – Label Films,
presented the benefits of the Roll-
Fed Shrink Labeling Technology as an
alternative to TD Shrink Sleeves.
Executive – Labels, participated in a
panel discussion providing a perspective on the
continued growth and substrate innovation in
Injection In-Mold Labeling.
continues to prove that we are a leader in the
label films market by participating and sponsoring
such premier industry events.
L to R: Steven Chilcote –
Sr Applications Engineer;
Mike Demchinski – Account
Executive; Kelan Wieloch
– Research Scientist; Paul
Marquard – North America
Sales Director