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Ta g h l e e f I n d u s t r i e s N e w s
controlled and consistent Oxygen transmission of AQS, a
benefit that is important for that regional market. Once again
this demonstrates how well-suited
’s solutions are for varying
regional customers and regional markets.
Christiane Tardy and Abhijit Ghosh spearhead the team that
drives Ti’s Technology transfer. Abhijit is
’s corporate Technical
Manager from MENA.
The team is hard at work develop­ing the capability to produce
AQS and other well
designed films like PST-
2 at
’s Oman manu­
facturing site.
Ti Products - AQS
“Think global, act local” – a marketing cliché, you might say…
It probably is a cliché, but when it comes to
products it’s
a fact.
has to act regionally but adapt global infrastructures
and plans to local conditions.
’s regional diversity contributes
to collective global, market-leading knowledge, that can infuse
value into products for customers. As
grows, opportunities
to expand regional offerings arise;
has to transfer technology
and product know-how across manufacturing assets.
One good example of this expansion
is a film from
’s Food Business – AQS.
While food packaging printers in
Europe prefer Gravure printing, North
American printers choose Flexographic
printing. Within US regions, for example
California and New Jersey, State
legislation restricts the use of solvents in
Flexo printing. Consequently, water based
flexo is the US intra-regional solution;
however, this puts stringent design
requirements on AQS for superior film
print performance.
rises to this challenge, producing AQS
film that stands out above the competition
– (it even sounds like “aqueous”).
achieves this superior printability through
polymer technology, pioneered by
North America’s legacy global R&D team
in Wilmington, DE. Ti’s R&D is led by
Christiane Tardy. AQS is a “best in class
product” and the preferred choice of film
by many North American printers.
In California’s fresh produce markets,
customers further benefit from
Flexcon Supplier Award Recognition
On June 6, Kevin Gillie and Craig Ligda were invited to FLEXcon, a large Pressure Sensitive Label
account in the US, for their annual Supplier Appreciation Day. There were approximately
35-40 suppliers at the awards ceremony. As part of the event, FLEXcon gives out one Supplier
Recognition Award which this year was titled “Partner in Development Award”.
won the
award this year in recognition of our development efforts for unique products in partnership
with them. Kevin and Craig accepted the award and a plaque will be presented at one of our
facitlities by the top Management from FLEXcon in the near future.
L to R: Kevin Gillie - Lindsay Censabella (FLEXcon) - Rick Harris (FLEXcon) - Craig Ligda (
Christiane Tardy - Senior Director
of Product Development ; Abhijit
Ghosh - Group Technical Services