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Ta g h l e e f I n d u s t r i e s N e w s
of interest to the attendees included our IML, NATIVIA™ (BOPLA),
EXTENDO™ (very high barrier) and various High Barrier Metallized
BOPP Films. Thailand has a population of 66.7 million and GDP per
capita of US$9,700 in 2011 with growth of 3.5%, expected to increase
4.5% in 2012. Thailand flexible packaging demand is growing at around
8.21% with many drivers for this growth such as;
• Fast changing lifestyles, increased earnings, especially more demand
for packaged food
• Rising standards of food safety and hygiene
• Growth in segments like confectionery, snacks, instant drinks, ready-
to-cook meals.
• Growth in small packs sizes such as 3ml, 5ml shampoo, 16gm stick
packs of coffee and 3-in-1 coffee, sugar and milk powder products.
• Growth in international trade for packaged foods and consumer
goods. Thailand is one of theworld’s top ten producers and exporters
of food products like rice, cereals, meat, seafood, and fish.
• The number of Thai consumers using supermarkets, hypermarkets
and convenience retailers as their main shopping channel continues
to increase driving sales of packaged foods.
Manila, Philippines
October 17
This event was a seven-hour seminar held at the Marriott, Resorts
World Manila, with fifty-two delegates from eighteen companies
in attendance. The
team was also joined and supported by two
representatives from
’s Hong Kong-based agent, S.E. Holdings. Out of
the three seminars this was the most interactive in terms of breakout
sessions. Of the presentations, two major topics captured the interest
of the audience - the IML and NATIVIA (BOPLA) segment. IML is a
blooming market in the SEA region and is now getting popular with
and end-users in
the Philippines.
can be considered
as one of the first
the country by a
worldwide leading
BOPP manufacturer. Second is the presentation on BOPLA, NATIVIA
and is of special interest as some major cities in the country have
already banned the use of plastics, meaning the discussion on bio-
plastics is very timely for the Philippine market. The same line up
of presentations undertaken in Thailand were repeated here, with
exception of SAL, which is for specific converters only and not for the
general audience. Overall, Ti received unanimous positive feedback
for all the topics presented and the audience found them to be both
interesting and enriching.
Future Ti Technical Seminars…
With the success of this roadshow, the seminar team is already
planning further ones in early 2013 with the next stop Jakarta,
in India,
Labelexpo 2012
The third edition of Labelexpo
India, from 29th October to 1st
November, was a huge success
recording 33% more visitors
from the previous show, in line
with the double digit growth
of the label and packaging
industry in India. It was evident
from the vibrant atmosphere in the venue - Pragati Maidan in New
Delhi - as the aisles were packed long before 11am, the show’s
start time! Since its inception, Lablelexpo India has been hugely
popular among the flexible packaging industry, but this was the
first time
attended. With most shows in South Asia tending to
be mostly crowded with machinery manufacturers, our presence
was particularly attractive to visitors who could view and discuss
substrates too. The impressive
stand attracted more than 250
visitors in four days. Key technical and commercial meetings were
also held with the major self adhesive label stocks suppliers - the
highest growing labels segment. The current growth rate of SAL is
more than 20% but it is set to climb higher with the opening up of
organized retail sector for FDI.
With the high growth, the Indian label industry is crowded, so the
key printers of SAL are looking to add value to their products with
highly productive and innovative offers. There is growing interest
in IML technology so the
stand was an ideal platform for these
discussions. Wrap Around Labeling is also growing due to increases
in the soft drinks industry. WAL users who visited the
stand were
excited about
’s unique offer of low density films. In the shrink
sleeves market, particularly with the growth of branded juices,
medium shrink BOPP films were an interesting discussion point as
the market looks up to global practices. Finally, BOPLA (NATIVIA™)
labels displayed were a crowd puller, declaring the distinctive
position of
among the global manufacturers.
Overall, it was an
exciting opportunity
to appreciate its
long term relationship
with the growing Indian
market as well as to
showcase its innovative
global solutions and
learning acquired from the local demands.