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Gold Winner In The Anzfta Awards
Congratulations to Detmold on their ANZFTA Gold award in the Wide Web Reverse Print Film,
Halftone category - Produced for the Natural Chip Co Sea Salt product.
Detmold used our A (TSA) 20 for the reverse print laminated to our MLB (ZEB) 18 metallised film
for its high barrier, improved seal integrity and high speed packaging properties.
These annual awards from ANZFTA (Australia New Zealand Flexographic Technical Association)
are given by a judging panel, split into four groups who sequentially examine the entries
allocated to them. A score is given based on set judging criteria with each entry having to
achieve a minimum score to be considered for an award.
30 Years of The Wodonga Plant
The 19th November 2012 marked the 30th anniversary of the official opening of Shorko (
) Australia in Wodonga, Victoria.
Shorko Australia pioneered the manufacturing of BOPP films in Australia. Before then, all BOPP films sold in Australia were imported -
mainly from UK and Europe. Having begun construction in mid 1981, Shorko were producing commercial quantities by July 1982. The new
3.5m line had a rated capacity of 3,500tpa. As in any adventure, the early pioneers at Shorko had a massive challenge ahead of them, as total
sales of imported Shorko UK films for 1981 were 600tonnes. However, motivated by the prospect of local production delivering improved
service and relevance to the local and regional markets, the sales team was mobilized with a new enthusiasm, ably supported by a highly
trained production teammixing experienced operators with locals keen to participate in the new venture. Sales grew in ANZ, and expanded
into SEA markets including Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand.
Over the course of the last 30 years some of the investments have been;
1986 : Line 1 capacity upgrade
1989 : Installation of Line 2
1997 : Line 2 capacity upgrade
1999 : Installation of Line 3
2000 : Installation of 5-layer die on Line 2
2003 : Australia’s first in-house metallizer
2008 : Second metallizer
2012 : Line 3 upgrade to high output 5-layer capability.
And so it was - Shorko Australia grew from
humble beginnings into the leading supplier
of quality performance BOPP films in the
region and continues to this day providing
a wide range of films and solutions to
regional customers in Packaging and Label,
Food and Non Food markets. On Monday
the 19th November we paused to remember
our humble beginnings and give thanks to
our future as part of the
Group. Most
importantly, we thank our customers past,
present and future, without whose support,
challenges and criticisms, our rich history
and bright future would still be a dream.
‘The Technology tree’ - planted
in 1982 at the Wodonga site
to symbolise the transfer of 21
years of BCL BOPP technology
to Australia and the creation of
a new industry. It also represents
a commitment to continuous
and growing technological
1982 - 2012