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Injection In-Mold Label Films: North America
In-MoldDecorating can be segmented into two technologies: Extrusion BlowMold and Injection In-Mold. In comparison to the EuropeanMarket
which is predominantly Injection In-mold, the North American market is predominantly Extrusion BlowMold. However in North America, I-IML
has been an emergingmarket over the years withmore than 10% volume growth year over year displacing EB-IML and other labeling technologies. 
Historically, the North American I-IML market had been serviced by European film manufactures and label printers. However, with the growth
of the market, domestic supply of film and labels has been in high demand.
The learning curve was steep, but AET has successfully developed a full line of I-IML films tomeet the unique requirements of the North American
market. Similar to other regions of the world, AET was required to design White Opaque Voided, Solid-Core White, and Transparent films.
However, with the emerging growth of I-IML, the North America market was adopting the latest molding equipment and utilizing robotic
“Cut-In-Place” technology. Therefore, AET responded with custom engineered films for use with this
technology. Themarket also demanded labels to provide high gloss, protected ink, better performance
and dishwasher safe containers. Again, AET responded with a portfolio of lamination grade I-IML films
that achieve those required attributes.
These films, along with the portfolio of In-Mold films from
, will complement AET’s offerings to the
Markets continually evolve and the In-Mold label market is no exception. The future is exciting and
emerging trends may require that films be designed and developed with barrier properties, metallized
surfaces for enhanced graphics, and to be used on the latest high speed molding equipment.
The partnership of
and AET is ready for the challenge!
Label Expo Americas
The Label Expo Americas 2012, the largest labels trade show in North America, was held September 11 - 13 in
Rosemont, IL. The show attracted record attendance exceeding 14,300 attendees and over 400 exhibitors.
Many key business leaders throughout the supply chain such as substrate suppliers, label converters, ink and
coatings suppliers, automation and equipment manufacturers, and end-users were in attendance. 
As the first large scale trade show to display both
and AET together in the North American marketplace,
booth traffic was high and customers were showing their support for the organization.
The key product areas on display were
pressure sensitive and injection in-mold
label films. Other product areas on display
included Vision® Shrink label, Roll-Fed
and Cut and Stack label films. The 2012 Label Expo Americas show
was deemed a success as both
and AET were able to connect with
existing customers as well as generate new leads on commercial and
developmental projects for 2013.
Lucija Kralj, Eugenio Vives, Louella Dixon, Steve Chilcote & Ben Tuttle